5 days to go

May 28, 2010

Today was dump day.

Got the old GMC fired up and we rode over to the Vancouver municipal dump.  All sorts of stuff went, from and old counter top to a sculpture stand, old broken flower pots, bags of soundproof insulation, all little ties from past doingness coming to die in this stinky pit.   All their shopping mall glory  gone as they await the bulldozer’s blade.

There are 5 more days before taking the road.  There is so much to do still, it’s dizzying.

Stuff can  seem so important, then you start letting it go and it becomes utterly insignificant.

Of course the motorbike does not count as mere stuff… The Suzuki needs one more thing : the Speedometer cable, so I know how fast I’m really going…

I have some anxiety too about leaving behind my guitars… but we all know guitars are people, not things.

Slowly but surely I am erasing all traces of my passage in this house that was my home.  Gotta keep packing.


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