Thank yous

May 31, 2010

the last two days have been incredibly demanding physically, Incredibly rewarding on the human side of things.

My friends came to help.  I could have never done it without them.  Starting on ..what day was that… I am so tired, I can’t say what day that was, but there they are : Chris, you are so amazing, so solid, so always there for me.  You blow my mind.  Erika, you came and washed my sinks and my shower and smiled your beautiful smile!  Mary, you came on your lone day off in your week to clean my kitchen cabinets!  Jean and Derek, for everything, for keeping an eye on me, for bringing me dinner when I am about to fall down.  To Geoff my mechanic who got my bike ready for the trip, to Pelham for fixing the car window and bringing it back here when I needed it.  For France, for trying so hard… For Ted for coming through, for being there and for being a true heart.  For Patricia who just showed up and helped all day at the garage sale and even bought stuff, you are beautiful.  For Karen at the garage sale, Howard and Hana who were so beautiful and supportive.  David, you carried oh.. about 800 pounds of sculpted stone with me with love and care and helped me set them up…  Vicky who opened her heart and her lobby to me and my stone horses, I stand amazed.

Who am I forgetting… My mind is mush…

To all the people from Craigslist who came and bought part of my past.  There was affinity between us because we love the same things.  It was an incredible experience and so inspiring.  To the guy from BCAA who came and retrieved my keys when I locked them in the car a few nights ago, thanks for the cosmic talk. For Russ the mechanic who fixed my van and got it going, what a joy.

It’s been full of magic, and as my fatigue grew and the needs came every single one of you appeared and saved me.

There has been only one cloud in all of this stuff and I am aiming to understand it and fix it.  J & MC : I am trying to get to the truth.

A bit more clean up in the house, a bit more packing in the van, turning off this giant computer and packing it, tearing down the desk it sits on.

I still have the car to sell…  the van to bring to Surrey, a painting to deliver, tires to get rid of, then on to packing my bags for the trip.  I traded a Queen size, pillow top Masterpiece mattress for an air pad that measures about 8 inches by 6 all folded up.

I can’t wait and I also really need some sleep…  but back to work I go.  It must be done.


5 Responses to “Thank yous”

  1. Lucie Langlois Says:

    Danielle, tu m’impressionnes toujours lorsque que j’ai des nouvelles de toi! Et cette photo de toi telle que je t’ai connue!
    J’admire ce talent que tu as pour suivre tes intuitions et ta destinée…
    Que ce voyage soit des plus enrichissant pour toi! Si tu passe par l’est du continent, viens me dire bonjour…


  2. Lévis Bergeron Says:

    Bon voyage Danielle!
    Ça me fait pensé au livre “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance”… je l’avais bien aimé… May the wind be at your back! Lévis

  3. safe and happy trails danielle –

  4. Barbara Says:

    Chere Danielle,
    Il y a deja 2 ans tu as su me tendre la main
    A cet instant ou j’allais moyen…
    Nos eclats de rires, et nos confessions
    Est nee une si belle affection
    Tu es devenue complice dans ma tristesse et dans mes immenses prouesse 😉
    De la est nee notre amitie
    Avec ce franc depart il ne faut pas que cela reste un simple mot de six lettres

    Si un jour tu es en detresse
    N’hesite pas a me laner un S.O.S.
    Meme si je ne trouve pas les mots
    Ceux qui rendent le monde plus beau
    Meme si je suis maladroite
    Tu pourras toujours compter sur mon oreille droite 😉

    Ne laisse surtout pas l’ennui
    Prendre le dessus sur ta nouvelle vie
    Si aujourd’hui tes larmes sont salees a cause du passe
    Demain elle te paraitront sucrees et tu voudras les devorees
    Dans une folle frandole, sourie Danielle et rigole
    Car je suis derriere toi et je te serre tres fort dans mes bras
    Part le coeur en paix

    Mon amie tu m’as secouru
    Alors que je me croyais perdu
    Mon amie tu m’as aide
    Et ca je ne l’oublierais jamais
    aussi loin que tu sois
    Je veillerai toujours sur toi

    Je t’aime

    Barbara A. et les jumelles;)

  5. Erika Says:

    This is the day I wish I were bilingual, I wish I had someone to help me persevere with my french but alas I am only anglais….:(

    begin the beginning
    return to returning

    go adelante into el futuro
    not forgetting all that has passed

    in your beautiful way
    return to your returning
    begin your beginning

    go adelante into el futuro
    not forgetting the present

    in your beautiful way
    ride on your horse free and wild
    remembering that you were created for this

    go forward into the future
    not forgetting

    me too

    Je t’ aime


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