Addressless in Richmond

June 1, 2010

Today I left my home.  I packed the very last this morning.  The van (Starship 7 for those who know it) with my “past life” in it and I made the trip to Surrey where I parked it and wrapped it in a blue tarp for the summer at a friend’s house.  We lumbered over the bridge creaking (the carg0) and whining (the transmission) and got to our destination in one piece.  The front tires are really, really old and bald so each bump in the road was a bit of a test, the carburetor is stuck somewhere between the choke and the hyper drive, the poor thing was parked for 4 years and brutally awakened for road-storage duty, I would whine too.

When I came back I got the last of the move stuff done and finally started to pack  the gear for the trip… I realize that I still  have to get a few more items for the trip, like a compression bag to put my sleeping bag and the rain gear… get the speedometer cable hooked up so I don’t fool myself thinking people are really going 50 km per hour on the I-5 while I pass them…  I really have to travel light.  I might shed more stuff still.

My big question is  the clothing, what to bring, it’s so cold up here so far this summer that I may be bringing too much warm stuff…

finally I closed the front door for the last time.  Click.

I wanted to leave on the first but I think I’ll take a couple more days, got more errands to run, loose ends to tie, and I have a lot of zzzz’s to catch up.  This move was monumental, it wasn’t just to move stuff from one place to another, it was the liquidation of the past.

Tonight I’m staying at my neighbor’s home, it’s beautiful and quiet.  I want to rest but I can’t wait to go…

soon I will fly.


One Response to “Addressless in Richmond”

  1. Erika Says:

    Connections are made and continued. We live for a while with the people and animals we love and then life begs to grow. We cannot ignore the movements and feelings within that send us out, that sever ties, that redefine our relationship with a landscape, a person and a community.

    I am certain that wherever we roam and find ourselves on the planet that not all is lost. We are always in relationship to one another whether we are physically close or not. No denying there are are trade offs.

    On Bowen Island this weekend I read a essay by Marion Woodman. The line that stood out to me was “….in transformation there is sacrifice….”


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