No go yet…

June 2, 2010

well I am not going to leave today,  rain, rain, rain.  I don’t really want to start the journey getting drenched.

I’ll run errands today, and now I may have to wait for a few more days as I decided to get custom ear protection for the road and for the music and that will take a few days to get done.

There is likely a reason for the delay.  The cosmic forces have decided so.  Maybe a few more nights of good sleep will also do me wonders.  The last month was such an incredibly demanding one.  I”m still throbbing from all the physical effort, my hands are swollen and stiff…

Then there is also the few last minute get togetherwith close friends that are happening and that are important.

maybe the sun will com out soon


2 Responses to “No go yet…”

  1. salonunidad Says:

    you will know when the time is ripe and your leaving is immenient, lets just say you may have a few nights left on lulu Island before you ride south and don’t look back

    but check out: for some inspiration

    love you always, I need a recommendation from you for a new master mentor for sculpture, man or woman


  2. salonunidad Says:


    and please come with me to visit my special place where I remember Alberto before you leave, its out at Garry Pt of course 🙂


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