13 hours to departure

June 6, 2010

Ok, that’s it, rain  or shine I go.  I ran the last errands like surrendering the car’s plates (what an expression…)  and putting storage insurance on it.  getting a wrench and and a socket to complete my minimalist toolkit.

I’ve been working on packing the stuff on the bike and the minimalist nature of the load is more and more evident.  In some way I am sad to have to encumber the bike with these bags and stuff.  I have a feeling more things will find their way off the bike at this point.

I still have a …  hum… CD player and I never thought that it was big… now it seems gigantic, cumbersome and I can see a near future where I will get an mp3 player that would fit in my breast pocket.

and my journal… I think I might end up journaling in the notebook as opposed to paper.    and the … Headphones, ear buds might come my way.    I can’t leave without my Alice in chains and the Jerry Cantrell Degradation TripCDs though… I’ll have to have them with me, I’ll have to have Jerry sing for me….  nothing else would do.

So, there it is Sunday morning, the final packing and the open road.  Wow.  It is happening.

Today I was driving around Richmond ultra paranoied (Richmond has the honor of being the place with the worst driving in Canada)   making sure to avoid the bad driving…  I made it!

Last night Jean and Derek organized a beer tasting evening with friends to celebrate my upcoming adventure.  we had about 12 different beers… I don’t normally drink so today I was a bit out or sorts.

soon there will be photos and road stories….  12.5 hours to go now…


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