And rain it did…

June 7, 2010

that is it, I am on the road, a familiar one but I have left BC.

I was hoping to leave on a sunny day but I could spend the summer in Richmond waiting for that!  (yes slight exageration here…)

I crossed the border and went to get gas right away, I filled up : $12.30  I walked into the station to pay and the girl says $12.30 please, oh and it is 12:30.  I said <no way!> Then she showed me the phone with the clock on it : 12:30

It may be silly but that felt like a good omen.

I rode down the Chuckanut drive, a beautiful stretch of road down the coast of Washington state, but you know, it’s cold, there is fog in my face shield, I got layers and a rain coat on plus booties over my boots and if I had to ride for a couple more hours I would definitely need the heated vest.  and it’s June 6th.  California, here I come.

My first stop is at Josee’s house, so that was only about a 2 hour ride but I’ll start easy.   I am still a bit stunned by the intensity of my move and it is a wild experience to actually have no schedule or time frame.  So any speed is the right speed.

here is a self photo, got new plates on the bike, I had to let go of the Collector’s plates as you need to have a fully insured vehicle to have the status.

house in the fog in Anacortes

Hard to see on the photo, but there is fog coming in all around, this year is a rainforest year for sure.

Wow, I am on my way.  I still am not quite getting it.  I think that when the terrain will get unfamiliar it will start to sink in.

talk to you soon…  And Erika : I was thinking when I was riding down… when you feel like you did, start creating something and that energy will morph into beauty and life.  xxx


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