and there was snow

June 8, 2010

I had a late start today.  The very last remainder of my move had to be handled, I had to ship things to Tennessee, about 400 lbs of books…  Now the move is truly over.

ready to go

I headed out around 5PM from Anacortes, I had the choice between going into Seattle or go around by Hwy 20 through Marblemount and the Cascades.

So the Cascades it was.  Just wanted to feel like I was actually on the road.   The area before the summit was just gorgeous, It was sunny and amazingly green, it’s been raining so much since the spring everything is incredibly lush.

As I started to climb I could see the menacing clouds hanging on the tops of the mountain, I knew I was in for some rain…  I kept climbing and was greeted by multiple rainbows, it was breath taking, just magical.  Then the rain increased, I stopped and put my rain booties and balaclava as it was getting colder and colder, I started to wonder if I should put on the heated vest…

I kept climbing getting closer to the snowy peaks, and before I knew it there was snow banks on the side of the road, and even ice on the road!

I carefully kept going and got to the summit and there was snow everywhere… my visor is fogging up and the bike runs pretty dirty, we’re at 5000 feet.

I was just frozen, it was like winter again, warming my hands on the engine until the drastic descent into Winthorp.  At that point I looked at the gas gage and was just about into the reserve!  Yikes!  I see a sign <second left :  gas and accommodation> I turn and : nothing!  I just kept going in the general direction of Winthorp and made it into town to the gas station on the main drag and … it was closed!

that is where I thought that the GPS would come handy… it told me that the next gas station was 12 miles away…  that was probably going to be too far… A couple walked by and I asked them about the next station and it was just a couple miles past the bridge Phew!

By this point it’s 10 PM.  I looked for a camping ground but when I got there it was already pretty dark and very windy.  I was still frozen from the mountain and the rain so I stopped at a hotel and got a room…

So here’s the first day on new territory.


3 Responses to “and there was snow”

  1. Mawie Says:

    Contente de voir une photo avec la moto, j’allais justement t’en demander une.
    Courage, le beau temps et la chaleur s’en viennent. Je t’aime et je t’admire. M. xxx

  2. Erika Says:

    So the adventure begins…glad to hear you were able to release the books too. Thinking of you and will continue to say words for you and your journey….:)

  3. Josee Says:

    Right on! Ride on!

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