June 10, 2010

So Heppner is good.  It’s the city of the blues, the shamrock is their emblem, they have espresso and a good breakfast and it’s beautiful.

I had not seen the day yet but heard the rain POUND the building all night and all morning.  I crossed the street to have breakfast and when I looked around I saw this huge green hill hugging the town, the greenness was unbelievably gorgeous against the gray thunderstormey skies.

I had breakfast and was pondering : stay or go.  When I walked out the rain started again falling like nails.  The streets were rivers in an instant.  When it stopped I decided to leave.  The air was too incredible, the road called.

I put on tights, leathers then rain pants, rain booties, my jacket, my raincoat, the balaclava, leather gloves and to complete the look, yellow dishwashing gloves to keep my leather gloves dry.

I left.

the reward : OMG the roads were unbelievable.  full of curves, deserted, with a scenery that changed from awesome to beautiful to stunning at every curve.

I went through a number of national parks, ran into cowboys on horse back moving cattle on the road, to wild roses perfuming the air, rushing rivers, to hills that looked like the hip of a giant coming out of the ground.  wow…

then after a fill up I was rewarded again with stretches of road so long and flat I could open up the bike… went up to 180 kms just flying.

I landed in Bend at 8 PM, I’ll sleep in a motel again tonight.

I managed to miss the rain all day, going east and south but this suddenly brings an issue.   My challenge is coming tomorrow : because I went that far east and there isn’t much around, the next gas station is at 140 miles down the road… I’m not sure I can make it on my tank…  I think so but it will be close.  I’ll let you know


4 Responses to “Curves”

  1. Marie-Claude Meunier Says:

    you’re a lucky girl ! Je pense à toi et j’ai bien hâte de t’entendre nous chanter ce voyage !

  2. christopher Says:

    Hi, I have your gear and it is safely stowed away. i am enjoying reading your blogs i feel like I’m with you. Peace, C

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