too slow, too fast, too late & then saved

June 14, 2010

sometimes the hardest thing to determine is when to stop.

Yesterday was a long road, hot (inland), cold (the coast), winds beating the crap out of me, then I found myself in a bad situation on the coast road when I got stuck behind a Texas plated minivan whose driver could not handle the road, which at this point is up, down, all in curves some that do these incredibly tight switch backs. I think the guy was stoned. I was having to constantly shift sometimes as slow as first gear, trying to keep a safe distance and move along. At one point he slowed down majorly on a stretch and I honked my horn… that just served to make him slower.

It must have taken about an hour to get over 10 miles of road. there was a ribbon of impatient and frustrated drivers behind me, two guys ahead of me did some incredibly stupid and dangerous manoeuvers passing on the right almost colliding with the mini van…

my shoulders were in knots as the whole thing was mostly downhill so I had to lean on the bars all the time to shift, brake, bend, turn…

after that what came quickly was the San Francisco Golden gate bridge! There, suddenly everyone is going 120-130 km/hr. We turned the last bend and those two orange pillars stuck out in the sky. I started to laugh and yell…. I am in San Francisco!

into town I just kept feeling really wildly elated. I don’t know anyone here and don’t know where I could go so I headed out immediately. I am not too fond of the thought of leaving the bike alone outside in a large city while I am in a motel… I still had on my mind to camp again…

I headed out on the 101, another major multiple lanes HWY may be even 6 lanes wide. I got on the HOV and floored it. It’s getting dark, I want to get off this major road to find camping grounds, I had seen quite a few on the map I figured I could find one soon…

It got to be totally dark, I pulled off the 87 into San Jose. I am at this point exhausted, I’ve been riding since 10 am and it must be around 10 PM now. I started to use the GPS but the battery died… so I turned around and did the one thing that was a stable solid datum : get some gas.

I pulled into a Chevron station and got off the bike completely dazed. There was a guy at the pump ahead of me so I asked him if there was camping near. we chatted for a while and he offered to go eat something. I followed his 74 Ferrarri and We went to a place nearby ate a veggie plate and chatted for about an hour.

He then offered me to stay over at his place for the night and I was so tired that I said yes.

I had a NICE hot shower, and crashed and slept until about 9 AM.

So here’s to another generous samaritan, thanks David for the hospitality, the laughs, the generosity and your free spirit.

I am now in Monterey having coffee, it’s past 4 PM and I don’t think I’ll make it really far today.


3 Responses to “too slow, too fast, too late & then saved”

  1. David Walker Says:

    Big Sur is near by. There is camping along HWY 1 and at Morrow Bay. You are a wild child Danielle. Thank you for sharing your adventures.

  2. Myrna Jacobs Says:

    I am loving your posts. I should have given you my daughter’s address. She lives in Los Gatos, a charming town near San Jose. Be sure to visit the beach in Carmel..totally dog friendly and you’ll love watching the waves and the doggies.

    101 gets better as you head south, especially in the middle before you get to Santa Barbara.

    Be sure to go to Morro Bay..or San Luis obispo.. both are cool.

    Enjoy your next day. Love, Myrna

  3. Sylvain Aumont Says:

    Bravo Danielle, pour tes blogues qui nous font rêver. L’asphalte, pour l’avoir parcourue à travers le Canada et les U.S.A, est un excellent espace pour la méditation et la contemplation. Profite de ta moto pour crier, gueuler, pleurer, rire, chanter et rêver!

    Looking forward to reading about the next chapters in the book of your life.

    SA xx

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