June 16, 2010

I don’t have a good memory for names and I find myself not remembering where I was yesterday.

I shot out of San Jose and landed in Monterey, left again and ended up in a campground south of Cayucos.

Between Monterey and Cayocos I conquered my fear of cliffs… Yes, I always had a terror of cliffs… the whole road between these two points is nothing but cliffs, hairpin turns, turn off that no one takes, view points that everyone stops to without warning as the view grabs you like gigantic magnets. The ocean, the waves crashing mercilessly on the broken coast. As if the ocean was trying to reconquer the land.

As I said before i was in great need of a new front tire since Saturday but every motorcycle shop, garage, was closed after 2 pm. then they all close on Sunday and Monday, so I carried on with this worn out tire.

I was zig and zagging trying to analyze the physics of turns, downhills, apex of curves and how to best gear for them… My savior that morning had mentioned the technique of counter steering…

I was pondering that, I knew the principle, but an inspiration came to me : I was trying to bend the bike down, and the instructor at moto school had explained that it was like steering in the wrong direction, like pulling the handlebars in the opposite direction of the turn… so there are so many curves and I had long stretches by myself to experiment and suddenly, I got it.

I relaxed, I started to play, it was brilliant, and the fear of the cliffs just vanished… I felt so elated. Now all I needed was a new tire.

I camped in an other overpriced state park… $35 for a crooked patch of sand next to screaming kids.

I met a fellow camper who was playing the guitar and we had a long chat, he shared his food with me and offered a couple of beers (Corona Light…. Corona light… yikes!) but they were still good.

I watched the waves at night, the build up of the white crest that spreads from side to side, the incessant roll, and sound… I woke up a bit too late, went and did my yoga on the beach, and packed up. (the yoga is a must to counteract sitting on the bike in a static position most of the day)

I set out with a crick in my neck, it was noon when I got to San Luis Obispo. I checked the GPS for coffee, found a place, ran around the block 3 times to try and park but it was hopeless. I was getting too hot, too hungry, too tired I kept going down main street when I finally found a parking spot. I pulled in there saw a wi-fi cafe and that’s all I needed.

I got off the bike and had to sit on the sidewalk for a few minutes just to collect myself. I walked in and that’s where I met Bob.

Bob had a Harley, he was in his sixties or so, and had a gentle smile. We chatted for a while, talking bikes when I asked him if he knew a place I could get a tire.

He took me there, haggled the price for me, they took the bike right away and got to work on it. Bob said there are two types of people on this earth : the givers and the takers, the ones who help and the ones who cause trouble.

He said he was the type to help. It was just out of this world… I am again amazed at the beauty of people….
He went on to offer me to pay for the tire… I could not accept, but after I paid the garage he handed me $40 and said : that should pay for a couple of dinners…. !!!!

We then went to Pismo beach and got fish & chips, then he escorted me for one more stop so I could fill up the bike.

I am now in Ventura, gotta get going soon… if I am to make it to LA and to my friend Phil.

I just wanted to say again, all is perfect. The hard times are a set up to meet or find the help you need, or to offer help. I feel overwhelmed with all this goodness coming my way… I can only thank the universe, the Gods, and somehow this tells me that even if I don’t know yet where or what I am going to, toward or for, I know I am going in the right direction. There are angels everywhere.



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