Sing along, home of lamas, flirtation at the laundromat

June 17, 2010

I arrived in LA late two nights ago, I was exhausted… I could barely park the bike when I got there. I was really cool to see Phil, we had not seen each other in five years.

He lives in the guest house at the back of the Lady of the Llamas home. A gorgeous character house surrounded by magical gardens, a pond for frogs, a pool, flowers and gardens. the stuff of fairy tales. The story was that there were llamas there but as they aged and the city grew they went away and their barn is now transformed into a bar that serves for weddings and special events, it has chandeliers and a sort of dream like beige color walls and just gorgeous surroundings (photos to come)

The first night I just slept, and did that most of the following day, later at night we went to the Coffee Gallery in Altadena and took part in a singalons. Of course I don’t know any of the songs… but I was handed a shaker and a drum so I just got in the groove and relished contributing to the proceedings which turned really, really festive.

Then this morning, it was time to start addressing the realties like laundry, bike washing, etc.

I took my bag of dirty clothes, put my ear buds in and rocked with Jerry Cantrell on a walk to the laundromat.

first mistake : could not remember what street Phil said the laundromat was on.. so I walked and walked in the sun. I started to get REALLY hot. I saw a guy on the street corner… I said : excuse me… excuse me… excuse me…. He just persisted in looking the other way, so I left him there…

The closest thing is a hmm… dry cleaner shop. I hesitated a moment wondering how I was going to ask a dry cleaner shop where I could find a laundromat…

They started indicating places even further away from home base… then this lady interrupted and said : oh there is one on … (yeah I’ve forgotten again) I said Yeah! that is the place.

I thanked them profusely and walked away my purpose rekindled. So, I’m walking down this street and there is no shade and I am feeling very dehydrated…

a car pulls over and the guy said : I’ll give you a ride… That was the man from the Dry Cleaner!! I jumped in, God that was SO refreshing in the car with the windows down. he got me to the laundromat and I thanked him profusely again…

NOTE: on this trip I am noticing this fact that each time I’ve needed something, it has appeared almost immediately.

The laundromat looked right out of the 50’s or 60’s I needed change but the machine only took $5 bills and I only had a ten, so I looked for an attendant to see if they could give met two fives. There were two men in the back, they asked me what I needed and I told them and they did not have change…

as I was walking back towards my washing machine this black man offered me the two fives for the ten. I smiled and thanked him profusely.

I proceeded to get my machine loaded and running, put on my ear buds and get back to Jerry Cantrell when the black man : Ronaldo was his name, came and asked me if I had a quarter for 2 dimes and a nickel, I laughed, said sure! what goes around comes around and quickly. Ha, ha, ha…

What followed was a strange experience : a full on flirting I don’t remember experiencing in this lifetime. I am indeed a stranger in a strange country and LA is a wildlife area that has it’s own rules of engagement and these rules I am not familiar with… but I do know it’s planet earth and most earthlings have a basic fundamental purpose… You get my drift…

I do not remember being flattered so much in so little time. I mean, in Vancouver the British politeness rules and no one would dare such an open, blatant courtship with a stranger in a laundromat.

I was promised all I wanted, all the freedom, all the love, a home for me, security and love forever with never any pain or disappointment, dinners, romance under the stars in the desert, wine, excitement, etc. etc. …

Thank God I am not 20…

How do you explain the drunken joy of not having to answer to anyone for a while. How do you tell them that the beauty or joy or freedom they are attracted to would disappear as soon as the ties would be bound?

He said : how do you know that we are not meant to be? And yeah, I don’t know… I mean do you ever know?

So maybe it’s time to head out. feel the wind while I can. Earthly life will come and get me soon enough.


5 Responses to “Sing along, home of lamas, flirtation at the laundromat”

  1. Josee Says:

    I told you you were hot!!! I like your comments about losing freedom when you bind.
    On another note… Charlie started crawling today!!!

  2. Myrna Jacobs Says:

    Another great episode.. I’m thinking a camera crew with you would have been great!

  3. I guess I sorta messed up the last post. The Coffee Gallery Frontstage streaming of our nightly foolishness is at – If you go to Wednesday night’s saved stream, you can see Danielle and her brother, and the other denizens of Altadena (California’s) unconventional coffee bar scene.

  4. I forgot, there was no live feed on Wednesday, just what I recorded on my digital slr. I may put another up, if you like – besides Cinnamon Girl.

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