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June 19, 2010

Left LA today…

In a hurry, after being there 3 days there was already plans, gigs, offers…

I had to go.

the cottage in Altadena

in the garden at the LLama lounge

at the coffee house, the sing along night

in the Llama lounge garden

I left feeling somewhat torn, there was some really amazing people, places, events and possibilities but I felt it had the strong possibility of putting the brakes on my flight…

So I left.

As soon as the wind hit my face and the engine roared I sighed deeply… go, go, go…

It didn’t take long the 210 East speed turned into a crawl and being in Southern California, I had an option : ride between the cars, I think there is a term for that, I don’t remember what it is.

A few bikes went by me flying between the lines of traffic and I decided to do it, mainly because my bike is air cooled and in this gridlock it would overheat in about 20 minutes. So forward and in between I went.

I got to say, it was somewhat intimidating. A couple of bikes passed me and I watched how they did it and gradually I got into a feeling… a watching… and started to get a grip on that. So as the traffic started and stopped I kept going and moving out of the congested area.

wow… When in Rome… so I wasn’t going 70 miles an hour but I was surely getting on. At one point the whole traffic stopped completely, over miles and miles, I was sure grateful to be on a bike and in motion. It went on for a few miles and finally I got to the beginning of the line of parked cars and there must have been about 20 motorcycles there, all lined up under an overpass.

A police car was sweeping back and forth about a miles up the road, a motorcycling cop was going back and forth between the area and us. After about 10 minutes he came our way and gave us the go ahead…

that was cool, 20 bikes powered up and blasted forward, in front of all these cars and into the wide, utterly empty freeway ahead. Vrrrooommmmmmmm…..

For miles we had the whole highway to ourselves, what had happened was that a truck had lost it’s contents : Coke bottles… on the road.

So now I am writing to you from Big Bear California.

On the way to Big Bear, Silverlake CA

the road covered

Yes, yes, my bike again... and my shadow... it was so windy there...

I will get into the desert tomorrow. Getting here I was surprised by freezing cold weather up the mountains. I had to stop and put the leathers all back on, the raincoat and all the winter stuff. I rode at night, this was the first time on this trip, riding up this road with constant turns, twists and hairpin turns. I had to stop a couple of times just to put my two hands on the engine. the highest pass I saw was at 71 thousand feet.

it was slow going, I don’t want to take chances with either wildlife or road work or whatever could appear on the road.

Go, go, go, little 750, as I wrote in one of my latest songs : the engine roars, my heart it soars…




2 Responses to “images & words”

  1. Revvell Says:

    Hey Danielle, sorry you couldn’t stay. We missed you last evening.

    Enjoy “riding the white line” or, “splitting lanes”.

    Nice meeting you.

    If you’re online Sunday, join us for Duane’s birthday. we’ll be streaming live about 8 p.m. Pacific time ~


  2. IRA Says:

    It is called white-lining or splitting lanes

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