Hot dang in Phoenix AZ

June 22, 2010

Woke up early, got going quick, determined… Why?

it’s F@#$ hot. I mean HOT and it’s 8 AM!

I slept the night on a pick nick table at Joshua Tree National Park, I actually was very comfortable, no tent, under the moon and the stars just spellbinding.

I woke up a few times, to see a shooting star, to see light on the horizon, to see the sun rise. Then I started to feel hot.

I jumped on the bike, paid my fare for the night, headed out on the highway, destination Blythe for gas and food.

Got gas, got coffee, went to the bank, got some motor oil and as I was checking the oil somewhere on a main street in front of a small amalgam of stores a lady opened the door and asked me to come in. In these parts, you come in because every space indoor is air conditioned and outside it’s an inferno.

She asked me where I came from what I was doing, I told her and she loved it, she said you are a free spirit. I asked if I could wash my hands, her store was a hair salon, she said yes, so I went in the back to wash and when I came back she made me an offer : Would you like me to wash your hair?

You have to understand, I’ve been sweating for two days, it’s been three since the last shampoo, this sounded pretty close to extasy.

She undid my hair and the cool water started to flow… Ahhhhhhhhhhh She asked if it was cold enough and I though that was funny because in Vancouver the question is : is it warm enough? as with the dampness and cool weather one wants hot water… but here it’s never cool enough!
the beautiful Dora from Blythe

She was telling me : If I could do it again, I would travel everywhere. There is always time to get a life going after” I hugged her, told her she was my angel, funny as the salon’s name was Angel’s hair salon. Dora was her name, she was my angel today.

It felt so good to head out and have a wet head under the helmet.

The rest of the day was closer to the furnaces of hell though. I headed up HWY 60 but that was a poor choice in retrospect. Dreary, HOT, windy, I had to lean completely down on the tank to get a bit of quiet behind my short windshield. Yes Rick, extension on my windshield would feel just about right at this moment.

I ate at Crystal’s cafe, and that was hmm… OK. No heartburn so who can complain. A kind of funny place though. Crystal takes care of the whole joint by herself and when the Hungry come in, they just have to take it when it arrives.

Got back on the bike, and rode for what seemed an eternity. It’s so hot lifting the visor is actually worst as the hot air just chokes you and bites at your eyes. I am just not used to that… I am wearing the leathers sweating a lot. Why? Not to look sexy i can tell you that. I would have liked to wear my jeans but there is a problem. …when I rode with my saddle bag open in Big Bear I did lose something : my jeans. I would not wear shorts because I am so white, I could cause accidents by blinding other drivers and I would then probably fry like bacon in the pan.

I kept looking for a sign for HWY 89 North, nothing…

Suddenly : I am in Surprise AZ. Damn. Where is that? I had a feeling I was way too far south, and I was. I actually was on the fringe of Phoenix. Triple dang. I wanted mountains and nature… Now I am in a man made oven.

Ok, there is always a reason. I do need to get an oil change and service… I will find a shop here. So I pulled into the first Starbucks I saw (they should sponsor my trip!) and searched on Google, (gotta love these things when people write reviews) I picked the shop that had 5 stars and went there.

I get there, by this time it’s 4 PM, he’s not going to do it today but he will tomorrow morning at 9. OK. I’ll be there.

Now what? look for a hostel, maybe find a pair of pants since the other ones are up the road in Big Bear somewhere. wash my gear, everything is filthy. figure out how to ride cooler. I dream of a mesh jacket, but what would I do with the leather one? Most everyone riding here rides without a shirt or a helmet. wild.

So? Mixed blessings. Stuck in the city, but the bike will get some love (the brakes are really mushy too) I will get some pants and tomorrow we will definitely get the hell out of town!



One Response to “Hot dang in Phoenix AZ”

  1. David Says:

    My Brother Christopher J Walker lives in Tucson and he drives a motorcycle too. I might be able to get you his address if you are interested. He can tell you of places to explore.


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