To be home anywhere

June 22, 2010

I am sitting on a patio belonging to the Hyatt Hotel in Sedona, I had plans to do the Starbucks Wi-Fi but in these parts internet is iffy so they sent me across the parking lot with my cup of coffee.

I sat and plugged in the netbook… started to type then had to stop.

there is this warm breeze. No hint of cold in it. I look up. I see the red rocks, (I am up a hill so looking from a vantage point.) there are pine trees, My body feels so good, I like this warmth, no resistance, no tension against the cold, just relaxed.

This Morning I had an oil change done on the bike (note for traveling motorcyclists: if you ever need help in Phoenix with your bike go here : Cycle Dynamics 21622 N 7th Avenue and see Steve)

I was asking how they dealt with such heat and Steve said : well that is the price we pay for 9 months of perfection. And I finally understood and saw the perfection. No snow all year round the temps. don’t go lower than 70 F or so during the day. I can see the attraction. No winters like Vancouver but 9 months out of the year they have what we have for summer. Cool.

Arizona. yes I am starting to get it, because I have to admit I started to wonder yesterday… Felt overwhelmed by the heat and being in the city with malls and people in a hurry.

Jessica had told me I would find myself laughing non-stop at one point in the trip and it happened today.

On the way from Phoenix up the 17 it gets more and more and more beautiful.

up from Phoenix, you climb up, up, up then hit a plateau and they have planted oats there, don’t know why, but it’s even planted between the North and south lanes, so this blond gold is pierced by the green of the trees and vegetation. Oh my…

Cars hurry by but I was singing this Jerry Cantrell’s song Angel Eyes, not the jazz song, This is from his album Degradation Trip: …

I found a new position on the bike it has become my Freeway position, toes on the passenger foot rests, so the upper body is out of the wind, thighs well astride, knees pointed down and the ankles and arms are more relaxed on the long straight stretches.

I finally found the 89A. This gets even better… every turn is like the movie that gets better and better and better, the views are phenomenal. And when you think it can’t get better you round a curve and in front of you are the red rocks of Sedona. I screamed and laughed and yelled out : OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!

As you get closer it just keeps getting more beautiful and then buildings start to appear and they blend seamlessly into the scenery, adobe houses all into shades that match the environment perfectly.
the flatter fields give way to what will be the red rocks of Sedona

the red rocks of Sedona, the space, the blue skies, the greens. It is a symphony of all the shades of red, brown, sand, beige, gray, layered like violin parts over a blue ostinato.

Tourism rules on the main street in Sedona
I met 4 Harley riders when I came back to my bike after lunch. One of them Debi let me sit on her Harley, it’s all about comfort, foot rests, radio, big fairing and windshield, I was careful these things weigh 700lbs plus … I thought my 450 lb bike was heavy!

an unusual pairing : me and a Harley

Debi’s bike is awesome but I gotta say I love mine… we really do have a love thing going me and my suzuki…

So back to the Hyatt patio, I met with Keith, he was working on his laptop, he is going to try to share photos on the blog because he went on hikes around here and says he has some good shots.

we are both awed with the surroundings.

well, time to go, got to go find a campground and for once get settled before darkness.

Not a lot of miles today, tomorrow will be the Grand Canyon which was one of the first inspirations to get me onto this trip. Then I’ll have to decided on the route. North, South or East?

The bike feels really good with the oil change. These things are amazing, givem them clean oil and gas and they run forever. I could really feel the difference. They also looked at my brakes which got really soft and mushy lately. He said I should put steel braided lines and metal pads instead of the organic ones. But for now we’re good to go another 3000 miles.


2 Responses to “To be home anywhere”

  1. angelina Says:

    south : )

  2. David Says:

    Around Sadona and Flagstaff are the ruins of Wapatki and Tutsigoot, haunting and magical. I went to them in the 50’s when we could poke around in them as children with wild imaginations! I am still haunted by a room half full of corn cobbs we found, formerly corn left to the rodents by fleeing residents?


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