Grand Canyon_who needs words…

June 24, 2010

this is the first thing I saw, I swore out loud

every step you take gives you a new view and each one floors you more than the other
this was a first...  never saw that sign anywhere before

how can that happen...

the giganticness ... it goes on and on...  no photos can really pay justice

and it is incredibly deep too

I asked someone to take a photo... yes it really is me out there!

brave souls... you would not catch me over that wall. Ever!

one last look..

the grounds

I came out of there buzzed. I ate. Then left. I zoomed down the road, I still did not know where I was heading next. Arriving in Flagstaff I stopped for gas and had to decide…

there was a sign for an alternate route for HWY 40, I followed it.


One Response to “Grand Canyon_who needs words…”

  1. David Says:

    In 1983 Barry, Donna and I hiked down into the Grand canyon for almost a week. At night from the bottom one can see the tourists attempting to get a picture of the canyon as their little tiny flashes go off on the rim. It is still a crazy wild place down in the bottom. We found a huge chunk of fossilized riverbed cracked and up ended near what was a little Anasazi settlement some 500 years ago, broken pottery and corn grinding stones and the matate or grinders! The night sky there is magnificent.

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