While it pours…

June 26, 2010

Pouring, drenching, torrential rain.

I sit now at the Starbucks in Santa Fe waiting for the skies to clear. People around here say : “you don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes, you’re in New Mexico”

Well, I’ve been sitting here for about 40 minutes and it’s still coming down. The barristas are amazed! “This is not normal!” they say.

well it gives me time to put up some photos from today…

I started the day really, really, really slowly. Tired, sore, my hands felt like paws so swollen they were.

I saw a sign for massage right across from where I had breakfast and I went for it. That was the right thing to do. I got new gloves, got glue and needle and thread and fixed my helmet strap that was mangled by the wind, then got some fruit, some water and was on my way.

the other side of the showers

Not 10 minutes out the first thunderstorm hit. Drenched. My jeans completely wet inside out.

the showers that ran after me to finally catch me fully, totally.

But the wind is warm and I dry up fairly evenly. I get to Ghost Town… unreal:

One of Ghost Town's businesses

an old train that found it's last home here

a view of the main street

whimsy of Ghost Town

I entered one of the boutiques and was taken emotionally by the art, the colors, the spirit of what was there. Oh my.. that is what I was looking for.

I chatted with Catasha there, she told me there was a movie that was going to be shot here “cowboys and aliens” with Harrison Ford and they needed riders, horse riders… ah hum… I thought. She said go see so and so who knows so and so… I did and that went kind of nowhere. But I thought it could happen… Oh my.

it rained flowers in Ghost Town

One of the people to talk to was down the road, she said where the fence has paintings on it and there is the white horse trailer and a bright blue pick up truck. so I went.

the horses by the trailer by the paintings

I got off the bike there and walked around I saw these paintings..

the Gallery, on the left side...

I did not find the guy, I wasn’t sure what to do. I need gas… so I motored on. Got gas and then it really started to come down… and it is shortly after that that I stopped at Starbucks.

My heart is light. It’s all good, it’s not a little rain that will deter a West Coast girl.



some of the vegetation around here

the tenderest of greens next to the rocks and sand

and cactuses... yeah, yeah i know cacti

then end... for today


2 Responses to “While it pours…”

  1. Myrna Jacobs Says:

    One of the main reasons I worry on bike trips is rain! It scares me to be riding in wet conditions. Dan has done it quite a few times but it’s not pleasant!

    sounds like a good day overall. Are you headed north a little bit?

    • well being from Vancouver my fear of rain is a thing of the past! I was in terror at first, with trying to avoid manholes, large painted white lines or signs on the pavement, then I learn to deal with the rain and it’s vagaries.

      I went up north today, was a bit left on my appetite after a promising start. then it got better again. I am in los Alamos now and holy sleepy town!

      Not sure where I am headed right now. There is a motorcycle ralley in Santa Fe tomorrow. could do that. or I could start heading towards Texas. Dunno yet.

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