Technical facts

June 28, 2010

MILEAGE so far : 4176 miles (can you believe this!)

1 oil change,
1 brake bleed front and back and fresh brake oil,
1 bike wash once,
4 chain lube
Gas, gas, gas…

Broken speedometer since Falgstaff
Instrument lights failed last night
Brakes squishy with heat.
Pour a sip of engine oil every 1000 km or so

daily morning yoga and arm-hand stretches,
1 good meal a day,
espresso : mandatory.
Hotel or motel once in a while.

No rider mecanicals so far


2 Responses to “Technical facts”

  1. Pete Pallett Says:

    Very good, then. Carry on.

  2. Erika Says:


    go for 2nd meeting to piab for pow
    get into program
    yahoo trades time
    yahoo know what to concentrate on for summer
    yahoo will get some special weekends in between intro to piping trades

    Danielle is free as the wind
    to chasing your destiny

    when you get older you will be stronger
    to quote ‘K’anaan’ but even now you are strong
    wild and free

    moving forward (adelante) into the future

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