new border : New Mexico

June 24, 2010

My speedometer has broken down again, that is not good, I’ll have to diligently keep track of mileage in order to keep my maintenance up for the bike, the other thing : I have no clue how fast I am going.

I know that when it sounds like the afterburners are firing up, the high pitched whine kicks in, I am approaching a 100 mph. I was watching the tach to try and assess my speed but it’s not very precise, at what seemed like the same speed it hovered between 4500 and 6500 RPMs… yeah, no high tech stuff here.

I barreled down the 40. I felt torn. For some reason that I don’t understand yet, it gets harder and harder to head East and to leave the west… I feel pulled back, I don’t know why or by who. As the darkness moved in I felt this more and more.

I lie down, chest on the tank, the semis are aplenty and I am shaken like James’ Martini and stirred like a leaf in the wind.

I discovered another thing with the bike. like a horse, if you apply pressure with your thigh it will respond. As i passed the trucks I would use the outside leg of the turn, just like on a horse and press in and the machine would diligently and smoothly change direction. So I was playing with that, practicing passing the trucks and sliding between the reflectors embedded in the road.

As the sun goes down, the beige fields turn into gold, pink and purples, there are these broken hills in the distance and the blond grass, also turned in a shade of pink made this look like a dreamland. Incredibly beautiful, full of emotion and finesse. Again the moon, getting close to fullness, shines above.

This land is host to spirits lost between worlds. I feel them. I talked to Leonard this morning in Flagstaff if I remember correctly he is Navajo, and we talked about that. Leonard, I feel them.

It got to be night. I stopped about 10 miles from the New Mexico border, I didn’t know I was so close. I had set out to cover lots of ground after the Grand Canyon and the generally slow pace of the last three days. I did so covering nearly 200 miles between dinner and bed time. I stopped at this gigantic truck stop, I had seen the sign earlier on a large billboard by the freeway, wi-fi, showers, laundry, restaurant, store, gas, cheaper gas if you pay cash, souvenirs, anything you want.

There must be 50 rigs parked around the premises, there is a loud hum of diesel engines, dust billowing up, in the glow of the neon lights. The gas is cheap, 2.50 a gallon. I fill up again. I took advantage of the wi-fi to check my email while sitting outside of the building. I find that Josee has written a song inspired by my adventures. cool, I laugh.

There is a caffuffle as a trucker almost side swipes the pick up truck of the gas attendant. The guy who had been so sweet to me was now hollering at the trucker, his voice thundering over the noise. Wow, I though, if I had that kind of volume to sing…

A man looks exhausted taking a short nap sitting in his pick up as his family shopped in the store. The two kids and the mom piled on the bench of the old green chevy, there is a washer and dryer in the back and more stuff covered with a dark tarp. Maybe they are moving… The man starts the truck, it dies. Starts it again, it dies again. Third time lucky the engine blasts, he puts it in reverse, this truck seem to come to life, growling, snarling, he shifts in first gear, second, they are on their way.

I noticed on the freeway many cars hauling the classic orange and gray U-Haul. People moving? Many people moving? Some sort of quiet exodus.

It was a bit strange, as if the same scenario was played over and over : a few semis, a few SUVs from California then a small car pulling a U Haul, over, and over. As if I was in a loop…

So as I rest outside the store I look at the map. OK, the next town : Gallup, distance 20 miles. it’s pitch dark. I drink an iced tea that proclaims it’s the true southern sweet tea and it is filled with corn syrup … no so classic… Gotta remember to read the labels.

I hop on the bike, rev it up. head out to the freeway, it’s F#$% wild. trucks haulin’ ass down the freeway, cars, all going at a mad pace. It’s getting cold. I lost a glove today… duh.. now I have my left hand tucked on the tank to keep it warm. a truck shows up behind me and flashes his lights. I had slowed down trying to keep warm and somehow he had caught up with me. I floored it, left him in my dust, in seconds his headlights were the size of impertinent bugs in my rear view mirrors.

Gallup : next 3 exits. I have arrived. There are about 20 signs for motels. the Budget motel looks the cheapest at $32 with free wi-fi.

I pull in, an East Indian lady is at the desk, I get room 201. It’s ugly as hell. the face cloth look like someone used it to check the oil in their car. But, there is a bath, a bed and I don’t give a damn. A few days ago I slept in a 5 star resort with feather bed. Last night I slept under the stars, tonight the ubiquitous cheap motel.

The Budget Inn

I found a cafe with wi-fi which is where I am writing this from. I had a good breakfast. I have no idea where to head out from here. I might wash the bike today. Give it some dignity back!

This morning when I was about to leave, this man approached me. He asked me point blank : how long are you staying here? Where are you going? Where are you from?

We got into this strange conversation. He’s a journalist from Washington DC, He’s here. He’s got a master’s degree. Could I spend a few days here? We could share something safe, no strings attached… and it went on zig and zagging around the elephant in the room.

So I asked what he wanted. he says a bunch of stuff and then finally “the sex, well, only if you want to give it, I’d gladly take it.

What a freaking line… “If you are willing to give it”… As far as my radar is concerned, that’s the only thing he wants.

So I am standing there and I can’t help but laugh, this is kind of silly. The strange thing to me about all this was that about 30 minutes earlier I had that thought about sex… But I can’t tell him how funny this coincidence is! Some people are way too serious.

I said that what I needed right now was to eat breakfast. Who wants this sort of thing anyways? It’s desperate, sad, it’s dessicated like the lands around this place. Masters degree or not.

Hugs to you all, the road beckons.

From my seat at the Coffe House II in Gallup, NM


this is the first thing I saw, I swore out loud

every step you take gives you a new view and each one floors you more than the other
this was a first...  never saw that sign anywhere before

how can that happen...

the giganticness ... it goes on and on...  no photos can really pay justice

and it is incredibly deep too

I asked someone to take a photo... yes it really is me out there!

brave souls... you would not catch me over that wall. Ever!

one last look..

the grounds

I came out of there buzzed. I ate. Then left. I zoomed down the road, I still did not know where I was heading next. Arriving in Flagstaff I stopped for gas and had to decide…

there was a sign for an alternate route for HWY 40, I followed it.

Camp fire in the dark

June 23, 2010

I lived in a bottle. I was the unread message in the bottle, floating, drifting on the currents of the ocean. It was damp and cold, but I was safe from drowning.

I spun a stationary wheel, frrrr, frrr, frrrr…active, focused, the purpose lost but the intention unstoppable.

I listened, obeyed, respected all the rules presented. I was a good girl.

When I was little, I would play I was Davy Crockett, I wore a coon skin hat I had made with a green velvet dress that I cut up and sewed all by myself. I used to set out in the great unknown of the empty lot up the street and up the creek up and I imagined these amazing adventures.

When I was little I would jump in the middle of puddles to see if I could make a perfect splash.

When I was little I got a blue bicycle with a sparkly banana seat, I loved it so. Then I wanted a motorcycle. I had photos of racing motorbikes plastered on the wall in my room.

When I was little all summer long I slept outside in my tent, amidst the fireflies, under the moon and the stars. Some nights I would go into the barn and go kiss the noses of the horses in there. Other nights I would go walk barefoot in the field to feel the voluptuousness of the night.

When I was little, I used to walk at the end of the street, it was a dead end with a field of wild grass and weeds. I thought that if I walked far enough I would hit the Far West, where the horses and cowboys lived and where the sun and freedom and wild adventures awaited.

Right now I sit by a camp fire, it’s night. I hear a cricket. There always seem to be a night creature cricketing in the dark no matter where you are.

I feel the cool of the night coming in after the heat. I hear the sound of the flames licking the wood. The pine trees seem to hover over the glow of this laptop.

Today I rode in the scorching heat, my jacket open, the wind beating my body. I have not felt the wind on my chest in a long long time. My blood flows, I sweat. This body of mine is alive. My mind, well, it courses its own winding path. I look around and I am dwarfed, exhilarated, enchanted touched by the Gods.

Today I melted in a partnership with my machine, a joining of flesh and steel. An impossible amalgam of blood, spirit, fire, fuel, controlled explosions, rubber and asphalt, gravity, G-forces, traction, emotion and direction.

On June six 2010 I finally walked at the end of my street and took off for the Far West. I’ve left the ceiling of a home for the the vaulted infinity of the skies. To bruise, to bleed, to ache, to tire, to fear, to try again, to fail, to get back up, to scream, to laugh, to feel ecstasy, to long, to exult.

I ramble. It’s getting chilly, it’s gorgeous, the fire burns, the wood was gifted to me by a fellow camper. I am blessed. I can only thank the Universe, God, the Great Spirit, all the Gods in the skies and under the earth.

Here we are all of us traveling through space & time at three thousand miles per hour or so. All of us dreaming. Oh my, but what a thought. All of us dreaming.

To be home anywhere

June 22, 2010

I am sitting on a patio belonging to the Hyatt Hotel in Sedona, I had plans to do the Starbucks Wi-Fi but in these parts internet is iffy so they sent me across the parking lot with my cup of coffee.

I sat and plugged in the netbook… started to type then had to stop.

there is this warm breeze. No hint of cold in it. I look up. I see the red rocks, (I am up a hill so looking from a vantage point.) there are pine trees, My body feels so good, I like this warmth, no resistance, no tension against the cold, just relaxed.

This Morning I had an oil change done on the bike (note for traveling motorcyclists: if you ever need help in Phoenix with your bike go here : Cycle Dynamics 21622 N 7th Avenue and see Steve)

I was asking how they dealt with such heat and Steve said : well that is the price we pay for 9 months of perfection. And I finally understood and saw the perfection. No snow all year round the temps. don’t go lower than 70 F or so during the day. I can see the attraction. No winters like Vancouver but 9 months out of the year they have what we have for summer. Cool.

Arizona. yes I am starting to get it, because I have to admit I started to wonder yesterday… Felt overwhelmed by the heat and being in the city with malls and people in a hurry.

Jessica had told me I would find myself laughing non-stop at one point in the trip and it happened today.

On the way from Phoenix up the 17 it gets more and more and more beautiful.

up from Phoenix, you climb up, up, up then hit a plateau and they have planted oats there, don’t know why, but it’s even planted between the North and south lanes, so this blond gold is pierced by the green of the trees and vegetation. Oh my…

Cars hurry by but I was singing this Jerry Cantrell’s song Angel Eyes, not the jazz song, This is from his album Degradation Trip: …

I found a new position on the bike it has become my Freeway position, toes on the passenger foot rests, so the upper body is out of the wind, thighs well astride, knees pointed down and the ankles and arms are more relaxed on the long straight stretches.

I finally found the 89A. This gets even better… every turn is like the movie that gets better and better and better, the views are phenomenal. And when you think it can’t get better you round a curve and in front of you are the red rocks of Sedona. I screamed and laughed and yelled out : OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!

As you get closer it just keeps getting more beautiful and then buildings start to appear and they blend seamlessly into the scenery, adobe houses all into shades that match the environment perfectly.
the flatter fields give way to what will be the red rocks of Sedona

the red rocks of Sedona, the space, the blue skies, the greens. It is a symphony of all the shades of red, brown, sand, beige, gray, layered like violin parts over a blue ostinato.

Tourism rules on the main street in Sedona
I met 4 Harley riders when I came back to my bike after lunch. One of them Debi let me sit on her Harley, it’s all about comfort, foot rests, radio, big fairing and windshield, I was careful these things weigh 700lbs plus … I thought my 450 lb bike was heavy!

an unusual pairing : me and a Harley

Debi’s bike is awesome but I gotta say I love mine… we really do have a love thing going me and my suzuki…

So back to the Hyatt patio, I met with Keith, he was working on his laptop, he is going to try to share photos on the blog because he went on hikes around here and says he has some good shots.

we are both awed with the surroundings.

well, time to go, got to go find a campground and for once get settled before darkness.

Not a lot of miles today, tomorrow will be the Grand Canyon which was one of the first inspirations to get me onto this trip. Then I’ll have to decided on the route. North, South or East?

The bike feels really good with the oil change. These things are amazing, givem them clean oil and gas and they run forever. I could really feel the difference. They also looked at my brakes which got really soft and mushy lately. He said I should put steel braided lines and metal pads instead of the organic ones. But for now we’re good to go another 3000 miles.

Hot dang in Phoenix AZ

June 22, 2010

Woke up early, got going quick, determined… Why?

it’s F@#$ hot. I mean HOT and it’s 8 AM!

I slept the night on a pick nick table at Joshua Tree National Park, I actually was very comfortable, no tent, under the moon and the stars just spellbinding.

I woke up a few times, to see a shooting star, to see light on the horizon, to see the sun rise. Then I started to feel hot.

I jumped on the bike, paid my fare for the night, headed out on the highway, destination Blythe for gas and food.

Got gas, got coffee, went to the bank, got some motor oil and as I was checking the oil somewhere on a main street in front of a small amalgam of stores a lady opened the door and asked me to come in. In these parts, you come in because every space indoor is air conditioned and outside it’s an inferno.

She asked me where I came from what I was doing, I told her and she loved it, she said you are a free spirit. I asked if I could wash my hands, her store was a hair salon, she said yes, so I went in the back to wash and when I came back she made me an offer : Would you like me to wash your hair?

You have to understand, I’ve been sweating for two days, it’s been three since the last shampoo, this sounded pretty close to extasy.

She undid my hair and the cool water started to flow… Ahhhhhhhhhhh She asked if it was cold enough and I though that was funny because in Vancouver the question is : is it warm enough? as with the dampness and cool weather one wants hot water… but here it’s never cool enough!
the beautiful Dora from Blythe

She was telling me : If I could do it again, I would travel everywhere. There is always time to get a life going after” I hugged her, told her she was my angel, funny as the salon’s name was Angel’s hair salon. Dora was her name, she was my angel today.

It felt so good to head out and have a wet head under the helmet.

The rest of the day was closer to the furnaces of hell though. I headed up HWY 60 but that was a poor choice in retrospect. Dreary, HOT, windy, I had to lean completely down on the tank to get a bit of quiet behind my short windshield. Yes Rick, extension on my windshield would feel just about right at this moment.

I ate at Crystal’s cafe, and that was hmm… OK. No heartburn so who can complain. A kind of funny place though. Crystal takes care of the whole joint by herself and when the Hungry come in, they just have to take it when it arrives.

Got back on the bike, and rode for what seemed an eternity. It’s so hot lifting the visor is actually worst as the hot air just chokes you and bites at your eyes. I am just not used to that… I am wearing the leathers sweating a lot. Why? Not to look sexy i can tell you that. I would have liked to wear my jeans but there is a problem. …when I rode with my saddle bag open in Big Bear I did lose something : my jeans. I would not wear shorts because I am so white, I could cause accidents by blinding other drivers and I would then probably fry like bacon in the pan.

I kept looking for a sign for HWY 89 North, nothing…

Suddenly : I am in Surprise AZ. Damn. Where is that? I had a feeling I was way too far south, and I was. I actually was on the fringe of Phoenix. Triple dang. I wanted mountains and nature… Now I am in a man made oven.

Ok, there is always a reason. I do need to get an oil change and service… I will find a shop here. So I pulled into the first Starbucks I saw (they should sponsor my trip!) and searched on Google, (gotta love these things when people write reviews) I picked the shop that had 5 stars and went there.

I get there, by this time it’s 4 PM, he’s not going to do it today but he will tomorrow morning at 9. OK. I’ll be there.

Now what? look for a hostel, maybe find a pair of pants since the other ones are up the road in Big Bear somewhere. wash my gear, everything is filthy. figure out how to ride cooler. I dream of a mesh jacket, but what would I do with the leather one? Most everyone riding here rides without a shirt or a helmet. wild.

So? Mixed blessings. Stuck in the city, but the bike will get some love (the brakes are really mushy too) I will get some pants and tomorrow we will definitely get the hell out of town!



June 21, 2010

Can you get moonburn?

I am sitting at Joshua tree camp ground. It is 9:47 all is dark… no, all is not lit up by human light. The moon in the sky though shines like a beacon.

I needed to write now, battery power: 1hr 28 minutes, hopefully that will be enough

I am in the desert, there is an animal or bug that sings… I am so ignorant, I don’t know what it is, some giant cricket?

I left San Diego around 1 pm I think, I spent a huge amount of time writing the morning blog and posting photos. I tried to go see my friend John but he was away from home until Monday night and I did not really think the best thing was to stick around San Diego for another 2 days.

I talked to him on the phone, it was good to hear his voice. We don’t call our friends enough…

San Diego is a sweet town, I rode around a route I had done on the bicycle when I came for training camps here… It’s hard to believe I rode so far.. there are flowers everywhere, it’s beautiful, the air is cool the sun is bright, it’s kind of perfect. One could really become part of this world here.

I headed out on the I5. All was fluid, the cars flying by, I felt relaxed. I keep having these moments where I am in awe of being where I am. I smile under the faceshield. The the traffic slugged up.. meaning slug pace, that gave me an opportunity to use my newly acquired skills. I was much better, It’s actually quite zen, if you don’t start thinking. Like riding the bike, if you think you’re having half the fun. This traffic jam went on for miles and miles, again. I wanted out of the mire. There were no exits to parrallel or contiguous freeways for a long time. Dang.

Finally I saw : 74 East. Good enough. I took that, and wow. Motorcycle heaven. Twisties, beautiful pavement , few cars, gorgeous scenery. There were lots of bikes going in the other direction. That went on for a long time.

One of the good sections of HWY 74 East

I got into a town, got to look on the map… strange place, got gas, kept going. It was dreary for a while, and finally 74 turned into even more of an amazing thing. I’m still experimenting with the turns and I applied some of the comments my stranger from yesterday said to me : don’t fight, go with it.. so I managed to get this really relaxed grip, I leaned right into the front of the bike and embraced the curves as if I wanted to swallow them and it worked. I had some masterpieces. But again, when I started to think I lost a bit of the flow, so gotta learn not to think more. Feel, be, don’t think.

I finally caught up to really slow drivers and instead of biting my lips I pulled over to a look out.

I got off the bike and realized it was sweltering. I walked around and looked and suddenly this massive emotion overtook me. I started to cry. The hills, the rocks, the shapes of the gully the language of the wind, I felt as if spirits were grabbing at me. Pictures flooded my mind, other times, My stomach and all my insides were knotted. I could almost hear voices. I am getting to where I should go I thought.

Where the spirits linger near Palm Desert

The rocks speak

life in the desert

I got back on the bike, grateful for its generous giving of miles, I think I am over 3000 miles already.

I got back on the road and it was eerie. Rocks, desert, a huge long curvy down the mountain road with massive switch backs, you could feel the temperature rise as fast as I was going down, it went to almost cool to hot, hotter, hotter than hot. Then I got to this unreal avenue. I straightened up and looked around : Giant palm trees, manicured lawns, beige buildings with terra cotta tiles, fancy names for places, Desert Palm. I cruised the main street. Everything is huge, unnatural and surrounded by the forbidding landscape of rocks, sand and hills cut with an axe.

It was now around 6 pm maybe, I was hungry, I did not eat since breakfast and I could feel my body getting drained.

I got gas and ask Samir the attendant with a russian accent for a restaurant. He directed me to a Mexican place right down the street. He said : you could go up the street here but why pay more money for the same food? I had to agree. The water was heavenly, and the food pretty good.

I took off and looked for a pharmacy, I am going to need sunscreen. So far I’ve been clad in leather and helmet but I have a feeling I will be exposing more of my flesh to the sun these next weeks. The cool coastal weather is now a thing of the past.

At this point I am on the 111, It’s getting dark. I am looking for a ramp for the 10 and I can’t find it. It’s that time where my visor is getting to be a nuisance. As good as it is during the day its just a bit too dark if you are looking for street signs. At one point this car started to veer into my lane and run me over, I slowed and honked my horn, it seemed a bit vicious. I stayed back. Sometimes people suck but then I tried to forgive and not let fear creep in. I stayed behind for a while and they slowed down, so much so that they ended up behind me… Ok all is good. Finally they turned right, good riddance.

I finally got the ramp for the freeway. I was shocked into this massive hurling traffic, lights, trucks, lanes and interchange sort of intersection, I floored it and got with the rhythm of it. It was like fiction, after all the quiet miles this was like a souped up light show.

I kept on. It’s hot. I keep checking the heat gauge on the bike just to be sure. The wind picks up, it is violent, unforgiving, angry. I catch a look in the rear view mirror and the horizon is the outline of the mountains basking in a red-orange-purplish final glow. The town is a sea of lights, an island in the darkness of the desert.

I am feeling the spirits again. My stomach feels funny again. 120 KM per hour. I feel I have to be polite, there is a respect that is demanded. A sign says to turn off the AC for the next ten miles to avoid overheating. The wind now is not blasting, it’s like a hand holding gently the front of the bike. I pass some semis, I got my feet on the back foot rests, fully astride on the bike, the leather grips the saddle, I am ever so vigilant. This is large, unthinkably large and we take it all for granted. I see SUVs blast by, humans go from A to B I float between the letters feeling this tremendous force, feeling this tremendous risk I take challenging the spirits of the desert.

But my moon hovers over, incredibly bright tonight. A beacon. My ally. It’s night. I ride.

I finally see the sign for Joshua Tree state park. I am the only one getting off the Freeway. I am not runnning towards another sea of lights, I am moving in deeper in the desert. It’s a narrow ribbon of black asphalt with a brand new yellow line that pulls me forward. I go slow, again, I feel I am required to respect. It’s quite a long way to the camp ground. I get there, I stop. Turn off the engine.

It’s unbelievable. The light is so bright, the stars are faded, but the vegetation has a silvery glow. I laugh. Then I cry. It’s so amazing. Simply amazing. Overwhelmingly, stupendously glorious. Dwarfed, the tears roll down my face. My ears are ringing from the road, the wind and the engine noise. Here I stand. Joshua Tree.

Today I thought : “I feel so alive”

I don’t want this to end.

June 20, 2010

Big Bear,

I woke up, I had slept well, then the luxury of a shower, oatmeal and it was time to head out.

The parking lot is thick loose gravel and uneven ground. I wasn’t sure how to get out of there. I elected to walk the bike out.

That worked until the ground started to go up and the bike sideways grinding it’s tires in the loose gravel. I got the whole weight of the machine on my right thigh as I struggle to straighten it out to a vertical position.

My arms are screaming at me that they were not meant to lift 450 lbs motorcycles, my mind screams that I will not drop this bike…

the mind won.

My heart is pounding as if I had just done a hypoxic interval. (full out short sprints done without breathing type of work outs) I sit on the bike and I can’t even straighten it out… I finally do and carefully set out. Well I guess carefully is not quite right as when I pull into the Starbucks parking lot and get off the bike I realized that I rolled down here with the saddle bags wide open… An accident prone day it looks like…


Coffee is what I need. I order my drink, they don’t really understand, a girl drops a cup behind the counter, then another. I am afraid my clumsiness is spreading around.

I carefully walked to a table with my caffeinated drink, pulled out the notebook and checked out Google maps. I still had not gotten a sense of where I really wanted to go.

My heart was still lingering over San Diego that I was going to visit on this journey and which I had bypassed.

I talked to a rider about roads, take the 18 north out, then Harrod road then the 40 East. Hmmm… OK, maybe…

I gathered my stuff and walked out. As I was packing the bike, this dude on a Suzuki V Strom 1100 pulls up. He says to me : I have the same bike at home! I said : no way! and we started chatting, looking at maps and just having a grand old time. “You want to eat?” Sure I thought, on an accident prone day it’s always better to go slow and since I was a bit gun shy about hitting the desert this delay was fine by me and the stranger was nice and had a great smile.

the newly met stranger and his Suzuki V Strom

We headed into town looking for a place to eat and we were stopped by a motorcycle police escort to a large quantity of Harleys, modified machines, hogs and all types of loudly piped motorized vehicles. Something has to be up or this is the worst place in America to sleep in. The blast of those machines bouncing all over the buildings, the hills and the eardrums. Tough looking guys and their tough looking girlfriends behind them, leather, tattoos, fancy paint jobs, chrome, hair in the wind, they were everywhere.

We had lunch, a good time and we decided to go see what this was all about. The waitress said there was a big event up the hill so we went to see.

hogs, harleys, choppers, paint jobs, gnarly dudes and attitudes

We stood out like graphic designers using PCs in a sea of Mac users. But it was fun.

more of the machines

Yours truly sticking out with pride

There was a gathering, bands kiosks and things but we did not go in. The fact was that the day was slowly drifting by and no mileage was covered.

Option number one was for me to follow the northern route and he was going south. But somehow that did not feel right. On this trip I have stuck to what felt right and so San Diego came back to mind and I said, well I could go down to San Diego… Deal!

We set out on the 38 through the mountains there, a beautiful ride. This was a first for me. I have always been riding solo, and this was the first time I went out with a riding partner.

We got caught behind two slow riders and the pace slowed down quite a bit. At the bottom of the mountain was pull out area and right there was a river. We stopped.

the river, the sun

Oh the sun, the heat, the sound of the water rushing down through the rocks. Life happens in those moments. There was a teepee someone had build with love, there was an altar like construction with stones and dried flowers inside, it looked beautiful, brave and sad at the same time sitting in the middle of this small river.

A teepee

blasted by the winds and burned by the sun the teepee by the river

Catching the spirit

Oh the heat, the sun and the sound of water, the half moon is in the middle of the sky blue, she’s always watching over me. My northern, rain forest bones are finally shedding the last of the dampness and clouds feeling the touch of the sun and the heat. Life and death and the water rushes.

back on the road

When we got back on the bikes it was around 5:30, we shared the road for a little longer and we parted ways when the 215 appeared. I felt a twinge of regret as my beautiful stranger was sweet and funny but so rules the dictate of the road the and gift of the moment.

I took the exit, the ramp shot out in the sky in a perfect white arch against the blue of the sky I curled into a perfect curve accelerating, exhilarating, got over the arch shifted into fifth leaned forward on my rocket machine, it’s all so perfect.

I am blasting down liberated momentarily. As I merged into the left lane I perceived a movement, I looked and there was this grey Toyota with 4 or 5 little girls with their faces plastered in the windows smiling & waving at me excitedly, I waved back, grinning from ear to ear, then gave them a heart felt peace sign and continued my forward trajectory into this journey of discovery and adventure hovering around 100 miles an hour gliding into the future.