Fourth of July

July 5, 2010

Fourth of July. Lafayette, Louisiana.

It’s hot, sweaty, sunny, summer.

I walk around and the traces of Frenchness remain. A mix of English superimposed with French remnants. Like these :

There are Fleur de Lys everywhere…

But it’s a bit of a lie. I have not met one French speaking person so far besides the Visitor’s center lady. People tell me you have to go in the country and speak to the old people.

As far as I knew, The French were ostracized and there had been a very strong effort to assimilate them.

Here we go.

But it’s the Fourth of July. I attended the Lafayette celebrations. I fully felt like the foreigner that I am. There was a band, the kids parade and a prize for the best decorated wagon, then the anthem and then the Old Glory poem. It was moving. It was a description of all the wars where Old Glory has been. But I think that the most important thing we should never forget is that Old Glory inspired so many people to reach for Freedom, get out from under oppression. It was a symbol of hope for a better life on this sometimes wretched planet, a symbol that dreams could be achieved. I think that is more important than the wars it’s been in.

but I am a dreamer and an idealist.

crowds gather for the celebrations

Lady Liberty was also on stage with the band

the band

kids playing in the water fountains, they are the smartest..

Happy 4th of July to all the other dreamers and creators.


3 Responses to “Fourth of July”

  1. David Walker Says:

    Yes dear Danielle the whole US struggle began with ideals of universla beauty and suffering to get there. I used to buy into the American Dream for a better world. Then they started killing those I admired and along came the calamity of Viet Nam and now it goes on like a broken record and young from the lower socio-econimic strata are continually sacrificed on the alters of fighting war for peace and it breaks my heart.

    with love,

  2. Happy 4th of July, Danielle.

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