7 feet

July 6, 2010

Woke up tired and dizzy.

I am in Mississippi.

And while the world drinks green tea

Gallons of oil so many

In the Gulf it spill madly

N’orleans dances in a frenzy

While black tar makes a dead sea

Is it illusion we see?

Love, life, dreams, just a frenzy,

of clashing ills without a key?

So while we debate veracity

A road, a girl and her Suzuki

far into Mississippi,

Way up into Tennessee.

Engine, rain, heat, sweat and she

Tires, road, hill and valley

Time & space & land & sea

Oh what story comes to be?

The adventure will come to me.


5 Responses to “7 feet”

  1. Duane Thorin Says:

    funny. just how I was thinking of you. Journeying through all of that biblical disaster on a Suziki, helmeted like an astronaut, not a part of it, not a mere observer, reporting back to base. It is strange you are passing through there at this time. They have apparently made it a crime of some kind to get too close and photograph the oil and dead animals. They, the crooked complex that owns and “governs” this country, want to keep us glued to American Idolatry, and oblivious to other things.

    On another subject…for some reason, I find myself re reading Raymond Chandler’s Farewell My Lovely, a classic genre making hardboiled detective story, and his colorful and detailed first person narrative is not unlike reading yours…..and he is highly regarded for it. Keep painting us your pictures, and stay dry, dammit.

    • Yeah, funny isn’t it? I do feel like an astronaut at times.

      re : the crime of reporting the truth. What I am learning going through America is that it is not the “americans” but the mega powers who try to control all the money, resources and incredible potential of wealth that such land can yield. Outside the US we get the impression that it is the will of the American people. The more I move through America the more I see that it is NOT the will of the people and that something insidious is taking the power of the people away.

      We have to all stand up and not lose our rights and powers our ancestors fought so damn hard for.



  2. David Walker Says:

    Wow Danielle, a poet too! You amazed me with your beautiful music making and sculpture and painting and now I see poetry! I hope we do not loose you to the South West as a result of your journey. I believe all you need is within you wherever you happen to go dear friend.

    • Hi David,

      well the poetry and songwriting co-habitate more often than not.

      did you get the photo of the aphrodite?

      Oh and I wanted to say : I think Alberto would be suppportive and proud of the fact that you are actually carving. You should feel his blessings and go on following your inspiration and your muse as this is where the art lives.


  3. Myrna Jacobs Says:

    Love this… it could be lyrics.

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