Restart after two days off

July 11, 2010

Friday morning, woke up around 8 AM. I went to bed around 4:30 AM so that made it a short night but I am actually in excellent spirits. I feel kind of cleansed.

I head towards the next town. Gallatin. I saw on Google map a small cafe so I followed my nose and found it right away. No GPS(!)

The place looked like it was 70 -80 years old. I wanted to take photos but thought it might be rude. The regulars were all seated at the bar. The grill and everything in there looked like it saw WWII and so did the clientele. The waitress looked like a country farm girl. Hardworking, beautiful in a rugged sort of way.

I had fried eggs, biscuits and there was deep fried ham (country ham that is, as they also have “city” ham which is the stuff you put in sandwiches.) on my plate but I had one bite and gave up. Honestly… it was crappy and felt like there was zero nutrition in there but the experience was worth it.

Next thing was to follow the directions I had written on my wrist to get to Old Hickory town. I had to follow the 105. Which I found until I saw “105, Truck route” I thought that was some sort of loop off the main road as I have seen and taken before in other states… so I did not turn. I should have…

I found myself near the local airport, knowing I was on the wrong path. I pulled over to look at my map and again my total luck came to play and as I stopped a guy on a bike across the road was taking off. He slowed down and asked : Do you need anything? I said : I’m looking for the 105…
“oh you’re in the wrong place”


He pulled over and I explained where I was going, and he said : You came across the whole country and you got lost in this red neck town? I said : yes sir! I said something about the truck route and he said something to the effect of the strangeness of women.
“Aren’t you hot in that jacket? ” I said yes, but when I spend whole days, weeks on the road, the jacket ends up saving my skin, I guess I am a tender foot!
He said : No, if you’ve ridden all this way you’re no tenderfoot. Coming from him I felt a bit of pride.

His name was Leroy a perfect name for this character. He says he’s an old druggie from the 60’s and that all he likes is smoke big ones and ride. He works as an industrial roofer, so his skin is baked to a crisp. He used to be his own boss but the taxes, paperwork and all that discouraged him. He is starting to work for a company next week. He had to take a drug test to get the job, meaning he had to not smoke pot for a couple of weeks to pass the test. “I will be smoking one yay long when this is done!!! He shows me the length of his arm.

He offered to escort me to the 105 and I accepted.

Of course he took off full tilt. but I kept up. We drove for maybe 15 miles, he got me on the 105 veered to the right we waved goodbyes and I was on my way.

I finally arrived at Annie and Randy’s home. A beautiful place in Old Hickory town near the lake, close to Nashville.

The last two days were mainly dedicated to not doing much besides getting a new tire for the back wheel on Friday and scouring the bike on Saturday. It was just filthy. All the chain lube, dirt, road grime… I took it to the local car wash for a soak, engine clean, tire clean cycle, the scrub with a brush and degreaser, then rinse again, then rags and dry, ride home and polish.

Here’s the bike in all its splendor… minus the bags and luggage… I’m sorry but that bike is just the hottest thing around…

The most beautiful ride in America!

another angle, baggageless bike

I watched a movie on Friday night, thing I had not done since… gee I can’t remember. Then saturday night I watched Tina Turner in Holland live show and This is it with Michael Jackson. Completely filmed out.

My bags and stuff have finally dried out (my book is still damp) I repacked everything this morning. And headed out.

I am right now in Maryville TN. A few miles away from the Dragon’s tail and the Blue Mountains ridge, home of the hillbillies. This should be cool.

So me, the bike and Leo are still going. Leo is getting dirty… been on the road for 41 days, 7000 & some miles, two tires, two oil changes, new plugs, one meltdown, too many smiles to count, a bunch of swearing, bliss and exhilaration, Illumination, 1 full moon and fireflies.

My partner : Leo

I am hoping for more magic. Please bring me more magic.

Love xxx


5 Responses to “Restart after two days off”

  1. Annie Dorman Says:

    Hey, I reely like the way you “Write”….Happy Trails and we sure enjoyed having you at Scenic Ridge Bed and Breakfast and MORE….may your travels bring you many many more Musicool Memories…Love you and God bless you in every way, Girl!

  2. Duane Thorin Says:

    There is one thing in abundance on this planet, for sure, and that is magic. Got bunches of it today myself…..huge bunches. A surplus, which I am instantaneously, with the flick of my keypad right now….(flick!), sending to you via quarkmail. You adventures are magic, and I check in often. These are amazing times…be strong and swift, and, above all, keep sending us this great stuff. I was worried about your puppy….thanks for the photo. dt

  3. Mawie Says:

    Depuis plus d’un mois maintenant, devant mon ordi. j’ai vécu une grande variété d’émotions: j’ai ri j’ai pleuré j’ai frémi et j’ai retenu mon souffle. Je suis soulagé que Nashville soit maintenant derrière toi. La vie est toujours devant soi.Je continue à voyager dans ma tête et à tenter d’apprivoiser ce nouveau genou qui ne se laisse pas oublier.Mon grand périple de cet été aura été de déménager mon atelier et ma chambre , ce qui n’est pas tout à fait terminé et qui me satisfait j’attend avec impatience ton arrivée.
    Je t’aime, Mawie xxx

  4. Myrna Jacobs Says: have my best wishes for more magic!

  5. Christopher Percy Says:

    Your the magic baby!!!!
    Keep posting your wonderful little stories. C

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