Images. Thoughts. Dodging rain.

July 13, 2010


Train in Bryson

Butterflies in Bryson

the road to nowhere in Bryson (a true story)

the part about guns... you'd never see that in Canada...

one of the multitude of look out points on the Blue Ridge Parkway

North Carolina sky

my baby parked on the Blue Ridge Parkway

My camera refused to work today, so the above are all from yesterday. I think it just got too damp…

I missed a massive downpour on the Parkway. I was in a cafe…

Made it to Virginia, no, signs, no official state line announcement. I just got off the parkway because I was getting too tired.

Landed in Galax. Tuesday night, not much to do. At least I found a wi-fi cafe. This is cafe #2 in this town. When I walked in the first one, I was just wishing for espresso. It was a strange, strange outfit with all sorts of girly knick knacks but from the 1930’s… A life size pirate was at the door, his hook was missing but he still had a peg leg and one lone piercing blue eye staring at me. On the counter there was a lot of Irish inspired green things. Brown and white muffins asphyxiated in cellophane. Everyone in there was at least 70. That should have been the giveaway, but my addiction spoke louder than my reason and I got a double espresso… I took one sip, controlled my facial expressions said thank you and slowly walked outside. I looked for a garbage can away from their window and tossed the engine oil residue (the coffee) in the first one I saw. Here goes $2.75.

At this point food wise I am kind of done in… I did really good on the Western part of the trip but after Louisiana and Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee I am full of sugar, grease, coffee and not feeling so great because of it. I will have to find a way to cleanse the system… Fruits, vegetables.. I will have to be disciplined. But honestly, veggies are hard to come by..

So yeah, Galax. Virginia.

Music.. I am missing music. I’ve been pondering the possibility of getting a travel guitar. I am ready to invest! I saw the perfect instrument in Bryson yesterday but the shop was closed…

window of the music store in Bryson

damn… There is a music store down the street here, I may go and have a look. I’m not quite sure how to organize my stuff on the bike if I get that…

Route wise I have a dilemma at this point. I am thinking of high tailing it to Montreal… take a fast route and get there quick. But maybe that is the fatigue talking… When will I get to come in these parts again?

Time and money are slipping between my fingers like sand. It’s almost mid July… I’ll have to ride back. And then I wonder back to what or where? Hmmm… Maybe the best policy is still to just follow my nose. Because as usual, logic just kills everything.

So chose. The voice said.

Not now. Not yet. I said

Time ticks on. The voice said.

Time. Time will drop you on a hill like a peleton of cyclists. As if you were going backwards.

Me and my Suzuki. We go. Gotta find me a home for tonight. Another downpour just hit as I was sitting here writing. The art of dodging the rain. Purely coincidental. Maybe like the art of life. Like paint splattered on a canvas with the flick of a wrist.


4 Responses to “Images. Thoughts. Dodging rain.”

  1. Duane Thorin Says:

    The Pirate Coffeeshop? 70 year olds?
    They were probably all 45 or 50 years, but have been drinkin’ that coffee and eatin’ that there food.
    Press on, and never end…I selfishly enjoy your trip. Enjoy Shenandoah Valley, Skyline drive….. yer gettin’ near my home town, Alexandria, Virginia, and ole mountain haunts, Warrenton and Culpepper. Good music concerts near D.C. if you make it to the Birchmere club.

  2. Myrna Jacobs Says:

    You are tired because you are not taking any time to just relax… a couple of days in one spot would refresh you a lot! It’s hard to even ride on the back of a motorcycle (like I do).. stopping often seemed a must!

    Given how far you’ve come and the kind of bike you are on, it’s rather amazing to me! You are not on a big comfort Honda or Harley Road King…or any of the other comfort (relative) travel bikes. You are remarkable!

    Also I understand the money situation. Rent a guitar, set up in front of a tourist type area and play play play with your case open for contributions! Not only will it be fun but it will be profitable!

  3. Eat Pray and Love read the book along your road trip. Try to stay still and enjoy the present of each second. This trip will never be in vain it is a part of a rebirth 😉 I love you keep you head high.


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