Southern Style Drama, conclusion

July 16, 2010

Drama Southern style continued from last post…

it’s almost 4 AM. I am realizing how my stress won’t show up overtly instead it will be something like not being able to sleep until the wee hours that is the telltale sign.

Today I’ve been in my boots for 17 hours. I take them off. My back and arms are seriously sunburned. I did put sunscreen but you sweat so much in these temperatures it just gets all washed off and you burn. I keep going to the window to look at the bike out there.

the bike on the trailer from room 203

I did not panic, freak or cry despite the incredibly intense nature of the day. The thought of losing control over the bike, this crazed woman, these hillbilly dudes.

You meet people, you don’t know them, but then who do you really ever know? I caught a few guilty glances from Dave yesterday that were not totally reassuring, but Dany always seemed rock solid, true blue kind of guy so I humored Dave but paid attention to Dany.

If Canada and the USA are similar, geographically and somewhat culturally, there is a fundamental deep divide between the two countries, especially out here in the South.

There is a “sinful” slant to everything. I guess since the dogma says we’re born sinners we gotta find sin in everything… Plus, this huge divide between men and women. Dany kept saying “ I don’t mean to insult you, be sexist or misogynistic… “women usually dont”… He was genuinely awed by the fact of my being there and having what I have done. But the wife saw my presence as something completely unacceptable.

So, yes, you wanna know what happened…

I finally went to sleep around 4 AM. I woke up around 8 AM. I tried to sleep some more, then the phone rang around 8:30.

– Hello?

It’s Dany.

– I’m down there with the bike. I will need the parts and tools. There is no rush, take your time.

-Ok I’ll bring them right away.

-Take your time…

I hang up. Jump in my pants, all my shirts are “used” I was due for laundy two days ago and I’ve worn all of them multiple days in the heat. I just pick one and slip it on. I grab the tools, the parts, the room key and head outside. When I open the door I am greeted by a blast of hot humid air.

-Good morning.
-Ha! you scared me to death!

-Sorry. Here are the tools.

-I’m going over everything, it was getting late and dark (and a few beers had been consumed) last night… Might have missed something.

-I should go catch breakfast, (there was free “continental” breakfast in the lobby) I’ll be right back.

-No worries, take your time.
He looks rested, poised and calm. He’s on a mission.

I go inside and get cereal, english muffin and orange juice. Nothing memorable but it’s there and it’s free.

I eat, then go back outside to see how things were going. Dany has the fuse box opened, a bunch of wires out and he’s testing every one of them. Yesterday he found two wires completely loose. He was testing those, had the clutch lever engaged with a zip tie and suddenly the starter turned over…

Life. Back to life. I never thought so but that starter sound was so sweet to my ears.

It wasn’t the starter switch, it was a burnt ground wire, a metled down battery post and a disconnected starter wire. All of this at once. And all of this fixed all at once.

Dany smiles. He’s the quiet, persistent type and he probably had dreams about this all night long. He was determined and he did it.

I got giddy like a school girl. He said :
-I’m going to clean all these wires and the tape and shrink wrap them so it stays as dry as possible.

-Thank you so much!

-Oh don’t thank me, I wanted to have you on your way like this last night, I apologize.

-You apologize too much. I am incredibly grateful for your help. You did not have to do all this. And really, if I would have had to pay shop time for this sort of thing…

-Well, what goes around comes around… and I hope that the next time I am stranded someone will stop like this and help me. It’s a karma thing…

I went up to pack up all my bags, I was waiting to see if I was going to need another night at this Motel 8, it was around 10 AM. I was going to be on my way. Dave arrived with the ramp to get the bike off the trailer. I was so relieved to see those nylon straps removed from the bike and see the bike rolled off this thing. I said hi to Dave and he grunted back. He looked beat. I guess I would too if I was in his shoes.

Oh my. I’m all set. The bike runs really nicely. Full power. Now I know to check the battery terminals from time to time to look for any loose connections. The price of an education. But when I think about it, these two guys stopped to help me when no one else would. They brought a trailer to take the bike, loaded the bike on it, bought me dinner, offered me a place to stay, bought a brand new battery and did not ask me for anything, Dany paid for my hotel room, He persisted and fixed my bike putting all is heart and will into it and did not ask for a penny. They saved me hundreds of dollars… Both missed a part of their work day to see me on my way… Dany had a victorious smile on his face, as victorious as Dany would allow it to show.


The crazed wife? Well, that was to make a story to tell I guess. Holy cow, that got really unreal and too serious there. Men and women, religion, pent up anger, booze, wow..

So right now I am somewhere in Pennsylvania. It’s been in the 90’s today. A fellow biker showed me the way up to route 15, that will take me along the river towards the North. I am sitting in yet another Starbucks (for the wi-fi) cooling off with A/C as a massive thunderstorm just hit.

the thunderstorm from the Starbucks window, I'm dry.

Dodged that one too.

The bike is running great. I can feel the difference. Gotta always be paying attention to these signs. Vehicles that love you always give you signs, then you gotta love them back.

Me? well, I am tired, not much sleep last night, but I’m good. Sometimes I feel I am in the hands of the Gods. It makes me wonder… as if I was out there to sow some sort of seeds, to appear in people’s lives and bring them something, a message of sorts or be a catalyst…

As if in this whimsical roaming of roads across this continent I fulfill some sort of job in a larger web of happenings, lives and paths.

I am in love with life right now. I feel I have no right to ever complain again. I am blessed beyond belief.


4 Responses to “Southern Style Drama, conclusion”

  1. Duane Thorin Says:

    Whew… This needs some sort of sound track…maybe Nelson Riddle’s Route 66 theme is the only appropriate thing. Or some surf music, as you surf the apocalypse. dd

  2. Myrna Jacobs Says:

    What an adventure! The South, even with it’s many faults, is still a place of great humanity and the “help your neighbor” and “do unto others as you would want them to do to you”, reigns supreme in a way that just doesn’t exist in a lot of the rest of the country.. and especially the big cities.

    But you must be careful about judging “the South” as a unit from your experience. Lots of different kinds of people and ideas there… not all the same any more.

    Have a good ride. Sounds like you are going to head north to Montreal via another route than Michigan. It’s been fun keeping up with you.

  3. Mawie Says:

    Je suis bien soulagée que la moto soit rétablie. Anik sera dans le Maine du 24 juillet au 7 août, elle se demandait si tu ne pouvais pas les rejoindre. Envoie lui un courriel pour voir si vous pouvez vous rencontrer.
    Je t’embrasse bien fort, ainsi que Léo….
    Mawie, xoxoxo

  4. David Walker Says:

    What an amazing odessy dear friend! You could almost write a whole book based on that one encounter about men, women, christianity, the South, good and not so good. Love to you Danielle.

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