Cranberry rain

July 19, 2010

Cranberry Lake.

That is where I stopped last night. I looked at the skies and thought “it’s not going to rain tonight” My half moon was up in the sky, what could go wrong?

I picked a camping spot close to the bathroom, I had a thought about it being at the bottom of a hill, but I took the spot also because there was real “forest floor” to sleep on as opposed to sleeping on the “tent pads” they have on state campgrounds. It looks clean, it is easy to keep clean, but man, sleeping on most of those is like sleeping on a hard cement floor which means garanteed sore back and neck in the AM. The spot I picked also looked like a place where water would pool but the thick carpet of leaves and the soft ground meant a nice sleep, and it won’t rain anyways.

I set up the tent almost in the dark, got the air mattress, sleeping bag, jacket, helmet and a couple more things in the tent. The mosquitoes were ravenous. They were buzzing all around me, I laughed as I imagined their disappointment working so hard to poke through the leather pants and never getting any blood, but they sure were getting to my head… I’m still scratching this morning.

When I laid down the softness of the ground was so nice. Probably the best camping ground of the whole trip. I gave the moon a last look and went to sleep.

Plink, plunk, plicidiplic…. …hmmm… gnmmhmm… Ploc, plic, plink, plunk.. .. .. hm? …rain!…. I woke up. Damn. Ok well it’s only a few drops, a morning mini shower, it will go away… zzzz….

KABLAMMMM! I awoke. Thunder. Plicidiplicidiplic… Heavy rain. That would be… Thundershower. Crap. I looked around the tent. Everything looked dry, I closed my eyes again. Well it’s a downpour, I’d probably get more stuff soaked trying to pack now… zzzzzz….

I woke up a little while later. I was dry. I looked around. Lifted my waterproof bag… Oh Shit! There is a gigantic puddle inside the tent. Damn! I started to survey what was wet and what wasn’t. Thankfully my sleeping bag only had a couple of damp spots on it. But my book was half soaked. I gotta say that book is called “the Disappearance of the Universe” and ever since I left it is the single thing that got soaked more times than anything else! It is definitely trying to disappear…

The rain is still falling. I got to figure out a strategy to get the least amount of stuff wet. Fill up the water proof back, pack everything inside the tent then load up the bike and use the bike cover to cover what needed to be protected before it was safely stowed in the saddle bags.

But in my bad luck I was lucky as the puddle was contained by a depression in the ground which stopped the water from seeping all over my jacket, sleeping bag and the rest of it. I laughed.

On the road again. Stopped for breakfast. I realized that it is finally easy to get toast and eggs without all sorts of grease soaked unmentionable side dishes and that the bread was edible again. North. I definitely have arrived in the North.

It has started to look like Quebec. The size of the trees, the type of trees. The coolness in the air. Last night I actually had to wear my hoodie under my leather jacket, then later put on the rain coat over the jacket and change into my leather pants which was done artfully on the side of the highway. Yep, pants down, in my underwear on a NY roadside. No one got to see anything as no cars went by. That is like the famous : if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there does it make a sound? Now we can say : if a woman pulls off her pants off on the side of a highway and no one is there is it still indecent?

The things you do on a road trip. The necessity level always supersede the propriety level.

I arrive in Lake Placid, I walked in a cafe. Lake Placid is kind of like Whistler. It is a fancy shmancy “sporting” place for the well to do.

I just came out of the woods and when I walked into the cafe all heads came up with expressions between curiosity and disapproval. Granted I was wearing the rain gear, which is nothing to show in a Vogue Magazine fashion spread (ugly dark green, pants go up under my chest, it’s all a bit too big, my hair is a mess…. ) I probably look like a mad woman… but a smiley one so I got espresso and wi-fi which is what I was looking for.

In a few hours I will be in Montreal. Wild, this is kind of the half way point. I checked my mileage and I was at 8100 miles yesterday. ! I never knew I would go so far. It’s becoming a way of life.

So Montreal. Here I come. See what being there feelsl like.

photo taken by Randy Dorman in Nashville, feel the heat!


5 Responses to “Cranberry rain”

  1. salonunidad Says:

    Very cool D 🙂 like how many people are following you and glad you are getting lots of comments too. Started the trades course yesterday, this week all about the school, safety and communication in the workplace, we get outfitted tomorrow and then go into the shop next week. Welding is what I want to do so I will continue to go forward with that….do you like the things I added at the bottom of the blog…impressive how many posts you have….

    You are such an adventurer, apparently I am an interactive socializer according to the behaviour style questionaire that I filled out today. Fast paced, want to go from one thing to another, undisciplined about time, risk taker, influence others, draw others out and a bunch of other stuff!!

    Hope you have a great time re-uniting with your your Mama and that you take in music and everything you miss about Montreal.

    you are truly amazing….love you too:) xoxoxo your fav welder, ek

    • Hi my favorite girl in the world!

      Yes, how amazing all these people following me following my nose across the continent.

      I am so excited you took the welding class-course. You got to let me know how it all goes… but I know you are going to ace this.

      interactive socializer! Yeah I would say that fits!! I wonder what would come up if I did that test!!

      The blog is the best thing I ever did. I am now addicted to writing it everyday. Many tell me I should write a book about the trip. we`ll see. I am starting to see something for myself.. I`ll tell you more about it but I`ll let more miles happen before I do…

      Mama is doing much better than the last time I saw her and that was really, really good to see. She is feisty. We`re so alike… wild. I love her.

      Keep flying my little butterfly, hummingbird, high flying dancer, feel those wings.

      My heart, love, laughs go to you


  2. Alan Says:

    As I sit in (our) office chair reading your blog day after day after day. I am thoroughly enthused with your adventure. I figure since I have not had the opportunity to release the bonds for long enough to take on such a great adventure (maybe with a little less rain) I have been given the chance to live the adventure through your eyes, for this I thank you Danielle. Remember…I still owe you lunch! Ride well, be safe, all our hearts are with you.
    Now that’s out of the way…’you go girl’ …. Al

    • Dear Al, thanks for writing and you are welcome for your thank yous!

      It is always a joy and a great warmth to read from friends and know they are along for the ride too. So maybe that is why I never really felt alone (well maybe with the exception of the Nashville meltdown..!)

      Lunch would be awesome! I`ve come to be extremely grateful for lunches 😉

      And the rain.. well I was pondering that yesterday as it was coming down heavily and was thankful for the coolness it brought along. It is always only a matter of viewpoint.

      The girl will keep on going and keep the adventure going.



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