W for Westward bound

July 28, 2010

the third coast. put my hands and feet in it… Now I turned around. Westward I go.

Pacific, Gulf, Atlantic.

The bike roars on the roads of the world. I smile. It’s hot but I cannot express grief that would be treason. So I gloriously sweat.

I am heading towards Vermont on the 202. Hopefully it’s a “character” road. Just had a double espresso and a lousy wrap.

It will storm tomorrow, it’s in the air, I’ll be the rain dodger again. I got a new raincoat (the third one… 3 is the charmed one right?)

Maybe I’ll miss it if I go far enough today.

gotta run, I mean, roll. With the punches, with the hills, with speed, with grace, with a smile on my face.

Love ya.

picture I just got from photographers on the Tail of the Dragon, see the rain...


2 Responses to “W for Westward bound”

  1. Josee Says:

    WOW I love that picture. Dude, that could be your album cover for your new cd “anventuriere on purpose” hahahhaaaa haaa!

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