Last 3 days in images

July 29, 2010

Quebec garden

Quebec country dog in the city

Spelling change to fit-in in the French province

Leo is impatient to get going to Vermont on Monday...

Freshly cut hay in Vermont

a home in Vermont

A church in New Hampshire

lives lived and ended in New Hampshire

...all of this under the gaze of the tree in the cemetery who likely has seen many go by...

...but our road is not ended so ride we must.

so ride we did all the way to the Atlantic Ocean to see my sister

...and Leo got to hang out with the Christmas dog and the Seal.

...while Maxime's army watched over.

then we took off across Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont

now we hang at the Roadway Inn in Rutland VT. It rains like mad.

Thunderstorms & all but we're safe, dry, and tomorrow is supposed to be sunny


3 Responses to “Last 3 days in images”

  1. Erika Says:

    I wanted to comment on W for Westward bound but noticed there was not a add comment option so I am adding my few words here….


    soon you will feel the pull of the west
    to come back here again to begin with zest

    know you will have stories to tell
    alas you know the destination well

    all around the continent you’ve traveled
    feeling the wind without being unraveled

    coming full circle you have learned many things
    that is why Danielle loves rock and roll and sings

    she tells a story in all its glory
    including bits that might be gory

    you see life is not a straight line this she knows
    but a interesting road to ride on she shows

    the meaning of living her life just begun
    the universe gives her more than just fun

    the chance to remember reflect and recall
    her life is for living and loving that’s all

    in the present time you live so fine
    with creative fire you draw the line

    embracing the now

  2. danielle Says:

    My beautiful friend,
    how happy I am
    when I hear from you



  3. Marie-Claude Merunier Says:

    Hey bella comme tu dis, je m’occupe de Josée lundi 🙂

    superbe photo de chien de ville !!! je lui ai montré.. je ne suis pas certaine qu’elle se soit reconnu mais …

    tu sais pourquoi ta moto brise toujours en directin de l’ouest ??

    Moi je sais.. elle est fait pour vivre à l’est ! un peu plus haut… !

    j’ai du ratrappage de lecture à faire sur ton blog.. je vais commencer cela un petit peu à chaque soir, et chaque matin.

    Je t’aime ma belle, et je ne t’envies pas, je suis avec toi !


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