Breakdown day 2, how a few hours will change everything

August 2, 2010

I woke up at the hotel not really rested, wondering where to start. I still need to find the part for the bike, figure out a place to stay, and spend a few days waiting for the bike parts. I got a few hours before check out. “Free” breakfast at the hotel, then check to see if the wi-fi works at the hotel and it does not. I walked over to Tim Horton restaurant to use their free wi-fi. I managed to get the new cell phone activated. So I now have a phone I can use here.

Got back in my room and called the garage. They will send someone to come pick me up at the hotel.

Some of my hopes were resting on a maybe. Maybe Jim, the garage owner had the part on a Suzuki Katana he has in his garage… Otherwise, I have to keep scouring the internet to try to find this elusive regulator. I learn that the Katana parts in question will not work. That hope is down.

I set up my little laptop at the garage. I am not feeling so brave I’m actually a hair from tears. Everyone is very nice, joking around, the word goes around that I am a “rock star” which is funny. And I continue searching the internet for someone to ship these parts. At one point Jim took me to see my bike he said : “see, she’s all OK, she’s there”… I choked up. But he’s right everything is all right.

Time trickled by and the full stop of the week end was inexorably approaching at 12 noon the shop closes. I was really hoping to find a part that could have been shipped for Monday. Motorcycle shops are usually closed Sunday and Monday, you don’t really want to break down on a Friday or the week end. In my head the thought of adding days of wait in a place where I don’t know anyone and the “affordable” hotels are $140 a night are spinning me around… what if I have to wait until next Friday?

Noon came by, the garage closed and I packed up the laptop. Linda said : “ you are coming boating with us.” Well OK. Could be much worse. I got in the truck with Jim and Linda and finally surrendered to what life was deciding for me as all my fighting it was not doing anything for me.

We drove towards Lake Ontario. We were chatting in the truck and at some point after a comment I made about the breakdown Jim said : it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

We’ve all heard this and we say yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s right. Yeah, yeah, yeah so true. But how often do you actually surrender to the turns the journey throws at you. I don’t know why I so wanted to “get out of here” and be on my way West. I ‘ve been pretty much just running away since Maine, wanting to “get going” “get to the West” really strongly but not really rationally. Clearly my best efforts to run were fully defeated by the events.

We got on Jim and Linda’s boat, a 32 ft cruiser boat. The last time I was on a boat, let alone anything this nice, I think I was a teenager… First, as we were getting ready to leave, I spent some time on the laptop still looking for the regulator. I finally got one answer from an Ebay seller and found another website to call on Monday. If I can get the part shipped right away it means that Tuesday I could be on my way. Progress. I can finally put the laptop down. I got 3 options for parts. Things are looking up

the helm

The boat left dock. We’re cruising down on the bay then out on Lake Ontario. The wind, the water, the sun, I finally absorbed where I was. I was laughing, there was wind and sun and speed, not on a bike but these two engines are roaring like beasts in a cage and we’re flying. Who would have known… I could have never guessed that this would be my day….. I could not have imagined it better.

On the water

The day rolled on, my mind miles away, the worry washing off of me. Mid day we picked up Dave and his girlfriend Courtney. Dave is a musician. He brought a guitar and he played then they all wanted me to play so I did. And if felt good. Really good. No matter what I do, once a guitar player always a guitar player. Dave liked what he heard and then invited me to join him at his Monday gig to play a few songs and I said yes. Wow. A gig. My New York debut Ha! Ha!

Another incredible surprise was to hear from Duane from Altadena… He managed to track me on the boat, calling Jim’s business phone. He’s offering support from thousands of miles away. Mind boggling.

As the sun went down we got back to the dock then back to Linda and Jim’s house. They are keeping me here, they announced me. At that point I actually did not know where I was going to spend the night… they opened their home and hearts to me and it’s unbelievable. Someone’s home. And it did feel like a home. It’s calm. Clean. Welcoming. Beautiful. It has a soul. Walls like arms to embrace you in as opposed to walls that oppress and make you want to run.

Linda, beautiful soul...

I was given a room, a towel, some clean sweat pants and t shirt and I took a shower. Then I felt my whole being just melt down. Oh boy am I tired. But I’m safe, I’m smiling. My baby is in the shop, safe too and I feel good because Jim is a mechanical genius and the bike will get back on the road ready and stronger than ever.

I do miss the bike. Funny, it has become such a part of me. A limb of sorts, my metal heart.

The universe works in strange ways. I am awed by the generosity of it all, the goodness, the unpredictably crazy-beautiful way all these events, people and circumstances weave themselves into the fabric of this story… well no, not a story but actually my life right now.


2 Responses to “Breakdown day 2, how a few hours will change everything”

  1. Erika Says:

    I think now what you are experiencing is G-d’s care for you….in and through these people. A beautiful home with a soul is a healing place. I have been given this gift in my life and been healed through the experience. What I mean is that….a home, a real home filled with love and soul feeds and nourishes us when we most need it and usually at times when we would not ask for it.

    I am sending you a giant burning hug from the balcony of Studio 217 out across Garry Pt to the River. The River will gently carry it and the Wind will take it to you.

    Take in all these generous people want to give you and be refreshed….

  2. Mark Says:

    Nice to hear that things are up!
    Jim is right. It is about the journey.
    I know it is hard to be mindful when material ties hold you back.

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