3,2,1… Go

August 7, 2010

Friday night, Last night in Rochester.

The bike is ready.

I am rested.

The bags are packed.

The electronics are charged.

the clothes are washed.

Even my hair is cut.

The road calls again.

South Dakota, Montana, the Badlands, Yellowstone. I wonder about Sturgis, maybe I will make it to see Alice in Chains play in Sturgis on the 13th… That would be just mind blowing. But maybe it’s too much distance to make it there in time and the right way.

I mean the way that would allow me to feel, taste and live it all fully. (for those who don’t know Sturgis holds one of the hugest motorcycle rallies in the country, thousands of bikes congregate there every year)

But it does not matter.

All I really know is that on Saturday morning I’ll pack the luggage back on the bike, fill up, put on the leathers and head West.

I also know that my throat will be in a knot and my heart will ache. I have found some really amazing people here. Beautiful, unalloyed affinity.

I am still confounded by how much generosity came my way this last week. I am so grateful. You can only say thank you so many times before sounding like a dork but again : Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yesterday I told Jim that I still could not absorb the whole thing. All that work he’s done so meticulously to get my Suzuki back in tip top shape… He said : “It was the right thing to do.”

Oh My God.

Again… Thank you.

Now I know my machine will make it for another many thousand miles. That the sights and the connections that have to be made will be made because of this. Thank you.

I don’t know where life is taking me, it’s OK, I don’t need to know it all right now. My job is to be.

The weatherman calls for another beautiful day, not too hot. Good for me and my engine.

Forward we go.

All my love to you.
among the Harleys the spirit lives

Amidst the Harleys the spirit lives on.


2 Responses to “3,2,1… Go”

  1. linda kingston Says:

    well u just left and i already miss u. goodluck, be safe and if u need anything dont be afraid to call. love ya

    • Oh Linda, you guys were on my mind all day… Hope the baptism was fun! I am not very far just a little past Niagara Falls but already things are unreal…

      You are in my heart forever.

      big love

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