August 20, 2010

On the way to Moab it was desert. So hot. And there was a lot of clouds which tamed the heat of the sun… but it still was stifling. My nose was so dry, I felt this desire to just stop. But if I stopped I would just dry right up and die it seemed. So I continued on.

Approaching Moab

This is the Colorado River where I camped

At the Arches National Park in Moab Utah

I took over 200 photos there… I can’t put them all up but it was just mind blowing, and what came later that day, blew my mind even more. I had no idea Utah was that amazing. I really had zero idea!


7 Responses to “wow…”

  1. David Walker Says:

    In Moab Diane and I met a character walking his babby bison down mainstreet after dinner! As a baby it stood over 5 feet high I think.

    Arches is beautiful.

    Bryce and Zion?


  2. Alan Says:

    Ah jeesh….a Canadian seeing more (way more) of the U.S. than I, an American.


    Double Darn

    • danielle Says:

      it’s worth the trip, you should do Utah!

      • Alan Says:

        Funny, heard that same theme on a night hike in Griffith Park last night, from an old friend, ‘Linda from London’ …… she insisted i needed to start travelling….a lot, every and anywhere.

        This, from someone who’s travelled nearly every continent since age 20….her (mis) adventures were evermuch as fascinating as yours, except in remote regions of India, Africa, wherever. Often with her girlfriend, in sometimes borderline dangerous situations (e.g., two fair skinned European lasses amongst fierce-looking Moroccans, etc etc)

        I mentioned your blog, she realized she should have kept a running written log of her trips, though many occured before the internet and blogdom.

        Small chance you’ll get to meet her if we make it to your Altadena grand event.

        Cheers !

  3. myrna Jacobs Says:

    Utah is one of my favorite states. It is extremely underrated. The people are also great, honest, clean and friendly. We’ve had amazing experiences in that state. I’m happy you got to see it.

  4. Erika Says:

    Hi D 🙂 yes one of the state’s I would like to visit, the landscape is gorgeous, the big wide open skies a bit daunting but give you a sense of the awesomeness of the Creator and the universe. Amazingly we can feel so insignificant in a setting like Moab, Utah but the reality is we are not, we matter and are lives are important. Meant for living to the fullest.

    I’ve had two days in the shop learning how to thread pipe. Fun, hard work and exciting!. I feel like a real work woman now….so my new name is: Erika Koenig-Workwoman, kinda catchy huh!! One of the instructors exclaimed that I looked like a welder today. Little positive affirmations along the way don’t go unnoticed when you are working to achieve a dream with new goals.

    So ride on live on and rock on wild woman and come back to lotus land when the time is right, which indeed you will know….

    e 🙂

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