From Canyons into the fire

August 22, 2010

In this small cabin lived a family of 10… here they are ..

Utah… I left Utah yesterday. Touched 3 states… Arizona, Nevada, California. I landed in the desert. went through Las Vegas, it’s over 100 degrees. Castles of gold and glass rise up in the sky. All the promises of riches. Come play, come shopping… come, come… I fly through. I am not stopping this time around.

I feel the heat like tongues of fire slipping under my helmet and taking my breath away. A kiss of death. The heat is so strong it feels solid. Like water. “Drink me, drink me” it says seductively. My heart pounds, my fingers tingles, one could think it’s love.

I stop to escape the heat, my body shocked by it. I walk into a mad dream. Lights, music, screens, staff, “Cocktail? Cocktail?” she wears a mini skirt and offers the salvation of drink. Fake blondes, fake brunettes, fake youth. False hope. Cheap meals and hotel rooms. Come play, come try your luck. I am in a casino.

Old ladies clutching their purses are staring at the one armed bandit, the bad boy, bad boy… Momma told you not to trust the bad boys… But here you are sitting, hypnotized and you play one more. Men watch the horses run, there must be 50 screens. Beautiful beast of speed and power glide down the race track.

Poker tables, poker faces. A grim light above the scene.

Bars all around.

There are rows upon rows of temptation. Dizzying. The beeps and whirs and bells and happy little songs fill the air. Come play… I look and feel that I am from outer space. I landed in a mirage.

I head back out.

The fire. The heat. I am approaching Death Valley and I feel it’s breath whispering in my ear. The wheels turn, the cars fly by. I navigate between the heat gauge and my own body heat. We are fragile entities. Only a few degrees away from total failure of all systems.

The wind toys with me… Pulls me to and fro, back and forth. My arms ache from holding against the wind. I lean flat out on the tank. I tune into the engine. Patience will take me through this heat and those miles.

I stop at Baker. Cheap motel, cheap looking, cheaply furnished but not so cheap on the wallet. There is a pool, I must stop, eat, drink, cool off. My body is reverberating heat, my heart rate is up.

Night comes. The wind blows from Death Valley just over those hills yonder. Sand blows violently in town. For all the lights and attitude, this too is fragile.

I will get up early, before the sun rises, to cover those miles in the desert.


4 Responses to “From Canyons into the fire”

  1. Erika Says:

    Imagine a small humming bird leading you forward. Its wings vibrate faster than your she suzuki.

    The little hummer is a messenger of healing with a vivacious appetite for speed. Forwards, backwards and side to side tiny though it is it moves with accomplished finesse since its very being vibrates with an insatiable desire to never stop moving.


    • danielle Says:

      babe, did I tell you I love you? So proud of your accomplishments and so joyful to have you as a friend, to know you are there, watching over me.


  2. David Walker Says:

    Maybe you have seen the future, hopefully not. Hope to see you in not too long. The closer you get to finishing a piece the slower it gets and the more patient you need to become, even with yourself, be gentle.

    • danielle Says:

      David, thanks for the wisdom. I am rejoicing in every moment, every drop of sweat and every smile I encounter. I am so blessed…. thanks for being there.

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