Saturday morning, last week end of August

August 28, 2010

the artist with her van

Altadena, California. Even your spell checker does not recognize the name. The Coffee Gallery is in the heart of that community. 2029 Lake Avenue.

I landed there the first time as a visitor from out of town with my bro Phil. I liked it right away and the place and it’s people loved me back right away. They were ready to adopt me right then and there but I had a trip to make… That was back in June.

The artist is Donna. Donna is a painter, botanist, a music lover, a computer geek, a multi-media multi-tasker. She sparkles. I just want to hug her. She radiates love. She tunes in with intensity. Speaks with passion, her eyes hooking into yours.


Leo is not really watching the show but enjoying himself with conversation

This is the sort of place that embodies the idea of the “cool” California, not the silicon valley or Hollywood or the hard core toughness and roughness of some hoods. It’s an amalgam souls bound on creating.

There is music, poetry, comedy, spoken word, a small and a big stage, lots of AC outlets for all the laptoppers. Julie owns the joint. Loves the joint. Oozes the joint. Her big blue eyes, you want to drink them in.

Duane manages the acts and the action. He created a hub with his passion for music and for community. When he speaks he’ll close his eyes as if to see you and his ideas better. Duane is the one who invited back here to play a show.


Forrest. Forrest Robinson hangs at the Gallery. He usually has headphones or earbuds in. He is a drummer. Tall, Strong, Dreadlocks. Yesterday he played me some of his music. He is VERY talented. Brilliant. He says he started playing drums at 4. At 2 he was getting it going with pots and pans. Forrest will play with me tonight. I am so honored.


Eagle Rock, Cycle Depot.

Is where I spent most of my time this week. This is where the motorcycle shop is. I would recommend this place to anyone who need help fixin’ their rides…

Elden, he is the service manager.

Daniel worked on my bike for three days.

Jill works a the shop, she is in high school, she is funny…

Brian and Jeff who is the one to figure out the rear brakes seizures

Arturo, who did not want me to take pictures... I think Arturo is very LA, he says he is not...

August 28th… I woke up refreshed. 10 AM or so. It is cool out. Almost Vancouver like. Last few days I was waking up around 6 AM with the heat wave. Cooked up. Not today. I have to go back to the bike repair shop as they realized they over-charged me. So I get on the bike and get going. Zipped up. Almost cold. There is fog lingering on the hills. It feels like being between worlds. The magic from the hills and the human madness of LA side by side as I speed down the freeway.

You can’t not speed. You’ll endanger yourself. The pulse is a high 145 BPM around here. Not slouching. Saturday August 28th. Gee. August 28, 2010.

Last night I had an unexpected conversation. This man came to me and asked me ” What is your spirituality?” I wondered for a second if I should engage on that path. I did. This morning he emailed me this:


It was fascinating talking with you. It was surreal listening to you talk. I am so glad I asked about your spirituality.”

Souls… Questions… light or dark. Answers… …..

Well gotta run. Got a show to prepare. Yay.


2 Responses to “Saturday morning, last week end of August”

  1. myrna Jacobs Says:

    You have found a part of Southern California that seems more like Northern California. Well done! I hope my friends came to see you!

  2. Erika Says:

    hope the show went well and that you zoomed
    so glad you found all these great people at this time


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