August 31, 2010

Still in Altadena,

I have to stick around to take care of some music business… need to listen to mixes of songs of my band Leoffenders until the week-end. that means that I have to be close to an actual studio with good audio monitors, the notebook does not cut it that way…

It is a bit weird to have to stay put… “I wanna go!” say the Suzuki, Leo and my heart of hearts. But there is a duty, a responsibility for that project we started back in April in Montreal. (you can check Leoffenders at and on MySpace)

At the same time being here is really good. The people here are absolutely amazing. Supportive. Dynamic. This place has been so welcoming to me, my music, my crazy ideas… As if all this wanderlust is normal, acceptable. hmm hmm…

So, today I am about to go to the beach. Malibu. Later tonight I’ll listen to the first mixes. Tomorrow, install those new turn signals… they are sexy! glistening orange and black…

To signal brightly in the depth of the night, while the rain falls, in the fog or the blinding light of the southern sun. This is good.

Duane who organized the show last Saturday asked me to post the advert for the concert so here it is, followed by comments from the rapt audience…

What a pleasure it was to enjoy your show last night. …I thought you were fabulous and your songs were very meaningful and powerful. CC

What a great concert!  I have never seen anyone so happy to perform and so appreciative of acknowledgement.  DP

Your music was amazing last night. You became an Other, a blessed soul whose infinite maelstrom touched every one of us there. You have a powerful and rare gift: the ability to align and ready our focus, to channel the chaos, and to attach words to the passions and fears and hopes deep within us all. I awoke this morning in awe of the inspiration you shared with us, and I’m so very grateful your life has brought you here, to our little home in the mountains. And wherever your path leads, know that I am just one, amongst many others, wishing you love and a blessed journey. MM

I had no idea that I would be touched by your music so much. All of your songs were beautiful and some were very amazing and I instantly loved your songs. AG

Danielle, you made our Coffee Gallery come alive with your beautiful singing and playing. Thank you, GL

We’re still breathless after your show at the Coffee Gallery.

Thank you for sharing your emotions, laughter, love, and your journey. We are ALL discovering a bit more of ourselves in your music and as you move on, we can see more in the stories than just “the Road.” SS

Loved seeing you the other night… You shine; you thrive; you soak it all in; you give everything. It was beautiful. DD

Wow. Thank you. I have been moved to tears by some of the letters I got from the people who were there. As much as they tell me I gave them, they gave back to me.

In this ungrateful music industry one can be disheartened totally and discouraged to even try… That night was such a validation… Thank you to all of you.

OK, now I’m going. Maaaaalibu!


6 Responses to “”

  1. David Walker Says:

    Admission to the Ghetty Museum up that way is for free! Only parking costs.
    Probably too late but I tried.

  2. Madeleine Says:

    Je suis super contente de lire ce compte rendu de ta soirée de samedi. Je serais bien heureuse d’avoir un jour touts les paroles de tes chansons que je ne peux malheureusement pas entendre,
    Je suis toujours avec toi. Je t’embrasse
    Mawie xxx

  3. myrna Jacobs Says:

    Wish I’d been there to hear that concert!

  4. Erika Says:

    Beautiful you, pioneering a trail where ever you go a gift to the people and the planet

    Beautiful you, unafraid of the fire or the storm you ride with the tempest

    Beautiful you, always yourself calling others to the same story

    To be themselves, to speak and sing pain, joy, untold happiness of life, loss and love

  5. Norman Barreca Says:

    You are meant to be who you are, where you are, & where you travel, bringing your prose & music throughout the land

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