September 3, 2010


Freedom. In my mind, being in a human body pretty much entails that you are never really totally free because you got to feed , wash, shelter, give sleep and exercise that body. And I’m not even getting into “stuff” here. All the stuff we feel we have to have… So what’s Freedom on planet earth? Maybe it doesn’t even exist.

On the road you feel free, for a short while, it’s a great illusion until you need to fill-up, until you break down, or until you get too tired to go on.

Freedom for the few minutes of levitation you experience while you create. The timeless could be Eternity as much as mere instants. Your decision.

I do feel free right now. Free to make decisions quickly, instantly, free to adjust to whatever happens, free to say no, yes or maybe. the California sun helps as it smiles upon us.

The moment I decided to set out on this adventure I realized that one of the biggest challenges I had was to keep absorbing the fact that the possibilities were infinite and that this was a constant. I was used to the bounds of my routine, my obligations, the deadlines, my obsessional need to be “a good girl” and the endless course of weeks and week-ends, months, turning into years. Turning into this life I was not really living.

Now, here is a limitless quantity of possibilities right there, in front of me. I know now that it had always been there but I could have never even conceived of it, much less acted upon it. I was bound and branded, a slave to a master that didn’t even have a face. I was wearing invisible chains of my own making. Fear can be a cosy nest.

Tomorrow I will head out on the road for a few days. I will feel the wind, get the space and put myself at the mercy of those unknowns lurking in the next curve. Leo and the Suzuki are chomping at the bit and so am I.

I just have to be back mid-week, as I have been invited to play a show on September 12 at the backstage at the Coffee Gallery.

Oh that I can remain aware, alive, free.

Leo watching me write


2 Responses to “Freedom”

  1. Norman Barreca Says:

    Your words ring so incredibly true.

  2. Revvell Says:

    Ride on my friend; ride on!

    Loved seeing and hearing you last evening.

    Enjoy and Injoy,

    ~ Revvell ~

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