Leo goes Hollywood

September 4, 2010

Last night was the open mic night at the Coffee Gallery. I played a few songs and later when the night was over we did a photo shoot to have images for the poster for the September 12 show at the Coffee Gallery Backstage. The idea was to bring the bike inside the cafe. Everyone got waaaayy too excited, especially Leo.

I mean, Leo has been showing exemplary character through this journey. Always there, always attentive, patient and understanding. Generous with his support and never a complaint. But last night something happened when the cameras came out. He just went nuts.

People saw the cameras and started acting up. I guess he just got caught up in the energy of the moment

the bike in the cafe

He ran to the bike and climbed on. Started to bark and demand attention, prancing as if on the red carpet…. Leo went Hollywood on me… He just would not calm down…

Leo runs to the bike

Then he started to demand star treatment, harass the photographer and Duane… He was just a complete nut case. Duane got mad at Leo and of course I had to defend him… then… the bike started to act up too. Everyone seemed to have lost their minds. Funny what cameras and lights will do to some people

Leo loses it and goes Hollywood on us

I said one thing too many and I ended up having to run away Duane in pursuit after us. … so now I am getting out of Dodge until things settle down….

Duane runs us out....

narrowly escaping the wrath of Duane...

(the events and characters presented in this article are entirely fictitious. No animals were harmed during those fictitious events)


About to go now.

I am getting my daily dose of caffeine while on the internet. I am at a trendy coffee shop in Montrose. People are sitting outside with barking designer dogs, on the phone, on laptops, blueberries and I phones. Everyone is “cool”

Today we can feel the heat from the desert. It is a different heat than we’ve had those last two days. A sort of gentle wind that will suck the life out of you. A beautiful contradiction. I slathered myself with sunscreen as there is no way I can wear my leather jacket… I’ll die.

I tore down my camp, rolled up the mat, put away the sleeping bag, packed up everything and suddenly the bike looks like a pack mule. I forgot how much stuff I was carrying around. I sat on the bike and when I got it off the kick stand, it felt twice as heavy. Wow. Is that what I drove all around the USA? And, Wow, how fast do we get soft!

I will not be going too far but it will be good to get on the road. When I actually rolled down the Tujunga hill there, I could feel the call of the road. The weight of the bike, the play of the changed aerodynamics with all this stuff behind me. This will be good.

And Leo is safely in the back pack, pondering his behavior…


2 Responses to “Leo goes Hollywood”

  1. liz Says:

    You are welcome to stay with us for your San Diego gig. We are in Carlsbad, if you want to Google map it to your gig. If we are too far away from where you need to be, there is a good international hostel right downtown in the gaslight district, which is a muuuuch cooler place to be than carlsbad. Very reasonable rates, centrally located, near trains, museums bars and such.
    Best wishes on your adventure,
    Liz from Coffee Gallery

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