Muzik & Moons

September 24, 2010

Yesterday was the 12 days – 12 songs mark, meaning I had 12 days to finish the 12 songs before I fly back. We are steadily progressing. A guitar here, a vocal here, digging for sounds, exploring interpretations of songs that have never seen the lights of the stage and finding what they want to become when they grow up. It’s a steady grind but organic.

I’ve not had too many daemons coming to poke at me, that is good. That has happened in the studio before, but Perry is keeping the ship on course.

Those who know me, know I am working with my “ex”. A few have expressed their disbelief or distrust, but we are here to make music. Period. And I must say, Perry is the best sound engineer I’ve ever worked with and he’s the person that’s always made me sound the best I ever could so I’d be an idiot not to partner up and make-create this music.

Leo checks out the mixes

I just love the fact that we are doing this on our own terms. No outsiders who pretend to know anything, or people who are only there for the money. That is one thing in that music business : Many wave flags, flatter you and promise the moon, castles and riches. They will vacuum all money out of your bank account, make you redo stuff, rework your image, criticize your ways, invalidate the crap out of you while telling you they hold the answers on a road to “success” filled with tolls. I’ve sure met my share of those. But at this point in time for me, all that matters is that the music is good.

I can only do what I do : Write. Play. Sing. Create… & ride my bike. It has to be real. This is very real. Life has been incredibly real since June… I want to keep it that way.

And speaking of promising the moon, lately the moon has been not only promised but it has been occupying the skies unapologetically. It hung out with Jupiter a couple of nights ago, was bloodied and full the following night, and just radiated last night, occupying the sky like a queen on a throne glaring at those who dared to stare at her magnificence.

I feel supported by her. The Harvest Moon. September glory. Out here, in Tennessee, I am drowning in the smells of grass, it is the last haying before winter so the air is saturated with greenness. It is undeniably the hot south here, 90F plus on a daily basis with that humid heaviness that takes all the will out of you. Thick, heavy smells, spells cast under the full moon, coyotes in the distance, and every evening magic skies with beams of light as if God himself was preparing an entrance. It’s all good.

All the while we travel inside the spaceship like innards of this recording studio.

Mowing at twilight

magic skies in a human world

Oh and Happy birthday mom… Bonne fête Madeleine. I love you.

Mom’s been following this blog since I left. She has every post in a folder on her computer. She gave me her blessings for the journey and the crazy dreams I harbor of playing and coursing the world on my motorcycle.


Phantom Power


5 Responses to “Muzik & Moons”

  1. Erika Says:

    I figure if Leo is checking the mixes then all will be good, since animals have greater ability than humans to understand the invisible and intangibles that are oh so subtle….

    what an awesome doggy, 🙂

  2. Erika Says:

    ….working with the Beatmerchant now, please come back to us soon and sell your cd at his shop in the vill

    luv u, e

  3. Al Says:


    Danielle, as I sit here in ‘our’ office chair, drinking in yet another of your travel blogs, I find myself whisked off to far away lands I have not yet been to but feel as though through your eyes am there along for the ‘ride of a lifetime’…

    Thanks for inviting us all to share the adventure with you, it is to say the least a very moving experience

    All the very best to you Danielle…Al

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