Bass Day

September 29, 2010

Clock reading : 01:11 AM that is when my Monday ended…

I had looked at the clock when it marked 11:11 PM. We had been going all day and were going to continue with the third vocal of the day. The phone rang and time went out the back door quietly, making sure no one noticed. Resumed singing maybe 40 minutes later and went on to 01:11. Interesting symmetry in numbers.

The day had started with me reluctantly tending some personal business like banking, balances, statements, and that kind of necessary evil. It stressed me out, taking me right out of the present moment into a web of phone automated services, disembodied voices and money worries.

But back in Tennessee and back to the job at hand. Monday was a huge day. Looking at a bunch of details that led to serious decisions regarding bass lines, arrangements and even the dumping altogether of on of the song.

A lot of the decision making process in creating music or any art for that matter seem to involve these non-sequitur out loud, heart felt declarations out of the blue. They are statements of knowingness based on no scientifically proven protocols. They just are. Like Goddesses with attitude to whom you can’t say no. Why pick this line or that chord? Why this word over that one?


After a mid-day coffee break and then back in recording vocals from 5 PM to 1 AM.

I got 3 vocals recorded, big victory. My voice was able and willing. The voice is always an X factor for a singer, fatigue, emotions or even what you ate can just annihilate your best intentions. On the guitar you can fake it, muster energy, crank up the volume but the voice does not lie. The half-day off on Sunday has paid off.

Today, Tuesday.

Bass day for Wicked Girl and Sweet Night For A Ride. Robbie showed up on time. It’s good to see him. The last time was back in March which seems like lifetimes ago, before the trip, before all those miles, before knowing what I know now.

He pulled out Ella, his black Fender bass. The name was carved with a screw into the bass’ sides when Robbie’s daughter Ella was born. I love it. Visceral, total love. People. Their stories. Their lives. The beauty of life lived, felt and expressed without compromises.

We worked until about 3 something PM. Robbie brought in much needed grit and verve. He rocks that bass. I love the way he plays it and I love the way he gets invested in getting the best possible tracks for the song. He brings his heart and soul and we can feel it in the music. Thanks from all my heart Robbie.

I will not lie, I am feeling the pace, the relentlessness of the approach of the deadline. I am riding this course at threshold for sure. Gotta jockey all the parameters with full cognizance : the energy, sleep, mind set, emotions, meals.

Time for a break, we go out to get some supplies. My phone rings : it’s Duane. It’s so good to talk to him. And while I think about it, I have to say how much I miss my California friends. My new family who is there all along this crazy venture writing emails, comments, calling or texting. I miss you. I love you. Today I paid the bass player with what I called “music-love money”. The money that was donated in the jar on the last show I did. So now guys you have a share in this album. You made it happen along with me. Thank you.

I do miss my bike too. My bike feels like my brother in arms and here I am fighting a battle without it. But it’s better this way. The Suzuki needed some TLC. I don’t have all the details yet, but the word “transmission” was spoken, the third gear trouble I had when I rode it last. Thanks Steve, Suny and all the other people I have not met yet who are working on it as we speak.

Now, 8:40 PM.

I will get back in the booth and sing some more. Got to. The clock ticks.

I hope you guys will like what we’re recording. It’s rocking. It’s intense. It has a heavy-darkness and light thing going.

I’m giving my all and it seems the Universe is along with me too, furnishing me with “found” guitars, available people, enough money and enough courage and determination to go on.

The only possible way is forward.


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