9000 RPMs and accelerating

September 30, 2010

Up early. The gears are turning, I’m at 9000 RPMs just above the red line. I keep the oil temperature just on the edge so to last.

5 days remaining. Down to 3 main vocals. But still loads of guitars to do.

Today I have not really had time for anything else than a bit of food and work. I am in a time warp, in a parallel universe, getting into the special driving zone, the “no service” area.

There are beautiful moments. Some notes… just right. Where the vowel and the tone make a perfect blend and I am moved beyond words.

Right now I am between two songs, Perry is getting the multi-track ready to record new tracks. I’ll go back in the booth in a short while and if it’s not too late after that I’ll try to lay down a couple of guitar tracks. As I write this chords from Sweet Night For a Ride ring out.

I love you all. Thanks for being there. I know you are there. Gotta go.


3 Responses to “9000 RPMs and accelerating”

  1. Al Says:

    Yeah, we know that you know that we are all here…feeling the pressure, hanging on each passing day, watching the time line running at 9000 rpm as well…the race is on….

  2. Thanks Al, we still have to go visit this bar you mentioned, the one in a paralled universe of its own. and you’ll get to meet my bike… going to bed now. things are awesome.

  3. Erika Says:


    my words are prayers for you that’s all I want you to have since they reach far beyond any trite wordpress comment….

    if you have a chance watch Sade’s video on her site about the band recording ‘Soldier of Love’

    I am sure you will find it inspiring as I do…

    e xo

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