October 5, 2010

at 8:30 PM Perry, the producer-engineer said : You’re done.

I was in an instant relieved, overjoyed, sad, roaringly proud, utterly spent, about to die and ready for more.

Oh My God. We did it.

My recording is done, voice, harmonies, acoustic guitars, rhythm guitars, lead guitars, solos, intros, arrangements, all of it done. the music is recorded. backed up. saved and ready for the next step.

Now it has to be mixed. That is a gigantic job which is going to be mainly Perry’s magic.

I sit there and a few tears roll down my face. I can’t say anything for a while. I think that the first thing I said was “wow”.

I’m smiling. This was incredible. I’m so proud of it all, of doing it, going for it fully totally.

I so freaking tired… I’m blabbering, and I had a beer… so here are some images..

gotta get some sleep. I have a flight to catch tomorrow for LAX.

Moon over Gallatin, spot which one is the moon...

An exciting outing while on this trip.

2 dollars a load

the dryers were so hot there my clothes stayed radioactive for two days.

tools of the trade

home made wholesome food

food? Imitation processed cheese...

Robbie came to play bass

a county I might like

Perry at work


studio liingo

Leo revising the notebook, he's tough...


Leo shows me a lick or two.

..and I try hard to replicate his instructions

Done baby. Done.

this big boy hands out at Jim's Blue Moon. Go figure.


6 Responses to “Done.”

  1. Erika Says:

    Best word ever….’Done’ congratulations Danielle…..

  2. francoise Moulin Says:

    Merveilleux ma belle Danielle! Toutes me felicitations. Voila, c’est bien toi! Tu as dû rendre Perry completement fou! DONE!!Hahaha. Je te suis pas à pas et je suis tellement impressionnee de tout ce que tu fais. Je me souviens de nos conversations et de ton apparition au ferry. Comme toujours, c’est un moment magique que je passe avec toi ici et là-bas.Pas besoin de te dire de profiter au maximum de tt ce que tu vis. Tu le fais. Tu vibres à travers l’ordi! Merci de partager tous ces moments avec nous tous qui te lisons.Merci d’etre là. Je t’envoie toute ma gratitude.
    Amour et tendresse


  3. Lévis Bergeron Says:

    Félicitations! Bonne chance avec la suite! xoxoxo

  4. steveslaughter Says:

    DONE!… now it begins!

    (no, it continues)

    Quoting Danielle Hebert, “WOW”

  5. steveslaughter Says:

    Or as inadvertent Haiku:

    DONE! Now it begins
    Quoting Danielle Hebert, “WOW”
    (no, it continues)

  6. Brenda Says:

    While in Sturgis, you ask me what you liberating Motorcycle ride would provide for you future. I told you only you can figure that out. Looks fabulous from here.

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