October 11, 2010

I can’t say much right now. A blend of mind numbness, fear of repeating myself and inertia after performing.

I rode back after the show last night hitting the mountains probably around 1 AM or so. My mind was still reverberating from the music we played at the Coffee Gallery Backstage with Forrest, Bo and Duane. The last few days had been filled with stress and tension that ate at my peace of mind relentlessly. My work before the show was to try to center myself before performing so to be there, fully, totally. I succeeded. The show was amazing for me and seemingly for the crowd. I felt it was my best so far.

Back on the dark road I felt hugged by the night. The wind was like a grumpy old man grumping at me but from whom you feel the love under the facade. I felt immensely free, immensely good. Finally calm. I rode through banks of alternatively hot air, cool air, the fragrance of the sparse desert life ever present, the rocks still reverberating the heat of the sun. There are a lot of cars parked along side the first section of the road out of Tujunga. But soon there is no sign of life. In the glow of the headlights I see an owl lift off by the side of the road, silent, powerful.

Thank God for the bike, for the freedom it allows me, the independence from the tentacles of life. All is fickle, like the traction on a mountain road in the dark. As the life of a transmission, or the appearance of an oil leak. Tomorrow is tomorrow, right now I ride, still.

at the Coffee Gallery Backstage

Starbucks in Lancaster, notice the Joshua Tree

the gasket I made with Steve's help to solve the oil leak issue

open heart surgery

my new friend Rossi

our shadows

end of summer


autumn leaves

the bark on trees here is like armor


more hotness

on the other side of the sun

Lancaster sunset


5 Responses to “Calmed.”

  1. leanleeann Says:

    I so enjoyed your music, Danielle, and your story is an inspiration to me. What I hear in your music is an honesty, an authenticity – c’est vraiment du vrai, quoi! I look forward to hearing you again soon, and next time I’ll bring more cash, or at least a checkbook to buy your CD!
    Thanks for a beautiful evening! A bientot, Lee Ann

  2. Al Says:

    All the excitement, stress, the glories, the heartaches…still time to stop and ‘smell the roses’…nice

  3. Erika Says:

    Glad and happy that you were feeling full present to performing, freedom with your horsie bike biggest plus

    and so you ride into the wind, grumpy as it can be Le Vent du Nord may call you yet!


  4. steveslaughter Says:


    Danielle introduced you to us Saturday night in song. You WERE THERE.

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