Day at the races

October 21, 2010

Last week end I went to Willow Springs racetrack to cheer on Steve who was racing in a few classes that day.

I tried to get some photos of the racers on the track but my zoom is too weak for the distances so you won’t see much “on the track” action. It was exciting, fun, really cool to see these perfect racing machines on and off the track.

Eye candy for sure.

this is a testament to the slowness of my shutter speed… there was a bike there when I clicked, I swear!

This cone called me. So much character in one so small…

Sean Higbee, racing a liquid cooled Buell. He rode one of the most exciting race of the day. Sunny is helping out.

side cars… crazy stuff with one person at the controls and another hanging out the back…

Steve’s bike

end of day

totally California

we were there, left inspired speeding down Avenue 60 without a care and with a smile.


3 Responses to “Day at the races”

  1. David Walker Says:

    It is kind of strange to see and hear you discovering all that I left behind.

  2. jim Slaughter Says:

    Thanks for the artistry that alows my eyes to remember how to see.
    It is nice to be riding with you. Fun meeting you at Willow. That WAS a great race!

  3. Melonai Says:

    He, side car…pour ta guitar?!
    Je vais essayer de t’appeller cette fin de Semaine

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