the Strip

October 25, 2010

I left the Starbucks as the sun was going down. It was breath taking. Over the mountains, the show went on for a while, a slow descent of the golden orb, the light changing every second and dancing with the clouds who blushed red and purple to finally darken into night.

I rode down I-15 to the Strip. I had scoped a couple of hostels there so I could stay in town for cheap. I pulled into the Tod Motel parking lot. It’s an old, old motel, it probably was glorious at some time. Not anymore. A german lady at the counter took at least 45 minutes to get her bookings figured out. As i was sitting there waiting two asian girls were also waiting. I found out one lives in Vancouver. Small world. She will return to Japan soon as her visa is running out. She was sad about that. The other one was Korean and was going to move to Toronto after the trip here.

I finally got my room. A bunk in a shared hostel room for $25. I got my stuff in the room, changed from the leathers to a pair of jeans and headed out.

It was pretty quiet at this end of the strip. The guy at the hotel said there was drugs and stuff around but “don’t mind them, or talk to them, they stick to their own people”.

It was a sudden change. The sidewalks of shiny granite replaced the worn cement, a fancy mall, walkways that funneled me into the Pirates of the Carribean casino. I am now in the middle of throngs of people… just wall to wall people… where did they all come from? there is a million things going on at once.

One thing that really hit me was the presence at each large intersection of mexicans handing out cards and flyers. They were rubbing the cards together creating a clicking sound, they were whistling, and by way of quick gesture handing the cards to everyone passing by. They all wore T-shirts saying something like ” girls who want you right now with a phone number… they were promoting prostitution. The cards had photos of busty, topless blondes. Phew.

the clicking sound, the whistles… the mindlessness, the pot bellied guys taking the cards, I don’t even want to think of the girls at the other hand of this deal. Guys on bicycles would patrol these crews of card handlers. Are these people paid to do this?

I walked from one end of the strip to the other. Got blisters on my feet. I could not stop. I was trying to explain this to myself. Most seem to enjoy this. There was brides and grooms, Elvises with gold painted faces. Up in the hotels is probably where the action is really on. I did not even enter a casino. I looked in and saw the same hypnotized look I saw earlier on the trip, the smell of beer, sweat, warmed up cheap food.

Up on the digital billboards Garth and other artists we know by their first name. You’ve made it baby. Blue man group, Cirque du soleil, highly choreographed shows. Professionals. Lights. I am just a stranger walking through all this. I guess this would be a whole lot more fun with friends and with cause to celebrate. By myself it was like an anthropology class.

I’m on my way out. It looks stormy out there pretty windy. Me and my little machine and Leo. We head back on the road. Got to make my way back to Los Angeles, there is a couple of shows to prepare, the bike to tend to and the many other questions I have no answers for.

what would I give right now for….

Oh well. It’s pointless what I would give, what I wish for right now. it’s not to be. So get over it and head out while there is light.


2 Responses to “the Strip”

  1. myrna Jacobs Says:

    I hate Vegas. Everything about it assaults my senses, so unaesthetic and synthetic. ugh..

  2. Melonai Says:

    he notre ami Scott est un Blue Man a L.V.!
    You talk about what is it all for, our purpose etc
    Well ma chere, it,s about fulfilling our inner purpose in life
    For you, it’s about sharing your artistic talents with the world
    Your sculptures, music, songs, writings and philosophical concepts of life, you make this world a more beautiful place to be.
    Through your losses and finds in life, your concepts broaden and you become a better person.”To live is to give” is amotto I live by, and I see that you naturally do give of yourself and find all of your hearts desires.

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