a sweet night, a sweet ride.

November 2, 2010

Today was the day my baby was going to get “opened” to get the stator out. I keep thinking about my bike. Often. I found a bunch of very relevant information on the GS Resource forum. It’s pretty wild when you think that buying the original Suzuki rectifier guarantees that you will breakdown. Which is exactly what I did back in July.

Tonight I finally got out of the house without the Suzuki. It’s been as if I felt like I could not go places without my Suzuki. I have a bike here at my disposal but I let the days slip by not knowing how to extricate myself from my thoughts, emotions and the huge list of backlogged to dos that had piled up. I’ve spent a humongous amount of time on the computer this past week. I think I’m almost caught up then remember other people and communications that have to get out in the world.

I got a call from a friend, “lets meet” so I got Little Blue out. It really is like being with a stranger. Everything about Little Blue is foreign. The engine sound, the position, the gearing. I feel I must give the utmost respect. I think bikes should always be respected… I thought that about horses too, and bicycles. Not everyone agrees with that but it’s OK. Respect has worked for me so far.

It took me a little while to get ready : goggles, extra shirt, oops, GPS… where is the address? Then I finally got ready.

Little Blue has this thing it does. You turn the key and it goes Bzzztt! Zzzzeeett! That tells you the fuel system is ready. My bike still has the good ol’ choke switch. Not this one. So it did it’s thing and I was ready. I rolled out of the driveway, then onto the road and up towards the freeway.

It’s actually nice and warm tonight. As I slid on the 210 the first thing that hit me were the smells. There must be bakeries around here… there was also the smell of sand… that reminded me of the desert, the roads I was just on a week ago. Oh I long to go back already…

There is nothing like a motorcycle ride. There is nothing like being out, feel the air, the elements, smells… to be breathing deeply astride a giant motor on two wheels. To be so alive. So present.

I’m just keeping the speed limit. I feel free, I feel good. I smile. I’m at peace.

I revel in the wind. The warmth of this night. The traffic is steady, I look around and think how much every time I find myself out at night in Southern California I feel so incredibly lucky. Here, now moving along in this stream-like flow of lights, red and white and we cruise, coursing the darkness towards the heart of the city. Full of promise. Full of possibility. Full of…. fullness.

I wound up in Passadena and everything looked beautiful and shiny. I walked by clothing stores and looked at the fall fashions, the windows offering pretty things, offering objects of desire. What would it be like to buy one of them? But my desires do not really lie with things at this point in my world. Things are good when you shed most of them away. I like the spartan life to be honest. 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts and my boots : that is what I have. It’s been fine by me and when I’ve had more, I’ve had to abandon it somewhere.

A few hours later I headed back out towards San Dimas. It’s still warm. I start up the bike. We head back on the 210 east. My head is full of the conversation I just had with my friend. I am grateful. That motor roars in the the night. I’m getting used to the controls, those turn signals, the body position, I relax my hands on the grips. This power feels like a shield. A shielded knight coursing the concrete road.

What a sweet night it is…. Lets get home.


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