Getting to and seeing Death Valley

November 4, 2010

storm brewing over Altadena

on the Angeles highway

the forest was burnt last year's fires

in Canada they plow the snow, here it is the sand...

waking up in Furnace Creek

desert life

industry and technology



Death Valley

astronaut in the sand dunes

some live here

the mountains near Bishop CA

Phoenix Atomic Motel in Beatty Nevada

long road ahead


2 Responses to “Getting to and seeing Death Valley”

  1. Steve Slaughter Says:

    So often am asked WHY I love this Desert land; WHY live here? Instead of struggling for words, I should instead tell them: “there is something I want you to read, to see.”

    … and show them this.

  2. francoise Moulin Says:

    Je suis allee camper dans ce desert , il y a douze ans, Moi, j’etais fascinee par tout, et la vie qui existe mais qu’on ne voit pas sauf si on est avec des gens qui connaissent le desert. La nuit, super froide et emitouflee ds le sac de couchage pour se proteger des araignees, c’etait tres bruyant: toute la circulation aerienne. Une belle aventure que je n’oublierai jamais. Je te lis meme si je ne t’ecris pas bcp. je pense a toi et bravo encore! Poursuis ton aventure….Tendres baisers ma belle Danielle

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