Heart shaped leaf

November 8, 2010

I wasn’t going to write another post today but then I saw this…

Just a leaf and some rain drops from this morning’s showers.

and I was just blown away.

So much grace in so simple a form. Life, death, redemption.

I overflow with gratefulness for all the gifts.

For the chance to change my reality,

for the chance to be, to better myself,

for the chance to have been hurt, pushed and challenged so that I could rise.

California with your sun, your energy, ebullience, creative minds, I ride and walk your streets, roads and highways, I meet your people, I feel your vibe and your heart, I bask in this cool morning after rain or I burn in the broiling afternoons of your king sun.

I got me, I got me guitar, I got me friends, I got me heart and me strength, I got me life.


8 Responses to “Heart shaped leaf”

  1. francoise Moulin Says:


  2. Kate King Says:

    Happy words for certain, look forward to seeing you on sat night, I know you have much to look after and many people to see….do you think we might be able to fit in a short Steveston visit?

    Are you flying in, contact me if you want a pick up….

  3. Steve Slaughter Says:


  4. Al Says:

    I sit rocking in our office chair and your posts bring a huge smile to my face and shivers up my spine.
    Don’t forget little Ms. Hollywood (Jay Leno and all that) I still owe you lunch


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