Love Ride in photos & thoughts

November 8, 2010

a bike

It’s been wild.

It’s actually kind of hard to even grasp.

It’s been, it is incredible.

Today I was on a stage in Malibu California playing to a crowd of about a thousand bikers riding for a cause : Autism Speaks in an event called “The Love Ride”

I opened for Robbie Krieger, (The Doors), got to play my own original songs because some believers (Steve and Sunny) brought my music to the attention of the owner of Glendale Harley Davidson who liked it and somehow agreed to put me on the bill sight unseen… got my picture taken with celebrities….

I was chauffeured there, helped with my gear, fed, supported, and cheered by my new friends. I had a world class drummer who was happy to be there, playing with me … Then treated to dinner, then back to the Coffee Gallery to bring back a borrowed guitar where we walked on a book signing event for Leslie Perry’s new book, “the story man” and where I ran into Larry, Duane, Donna, Justin, Marsha, Cornwoman, Bob…. Oh my God…. How can this be so good? How can every minute of my day be so, so good?

I figured out my mileage so far on the bike from June 06 to October 26th when I had that second electrical meltdown… : 15 870 miles…

15 870 miles to land in the middle of this…

security at the Love Ride

Forrest and me pre-show

the Buell rebels : Steve and Sunny, who sparked this thing for me

On stage with Forrest

Singing under the American flag

view from the crowd

getting into it

Forrest and me

with Jay Leno. Can I grin any wider??

with Dayton Callie (Deadwood, Sons of Anarchy)

with Don, the bike mechanic guru working on my bike...

a Harley

and this was just today….

a few days ago I got a surprise invite for a gig in Idyllwild… I got to ride up there on Little Blue… play with Star at the Aroma cafe, meet a few amazing people like Gigi and Asha…. slept at the cabin, see the stars illuminate the California night…

I mean, just the bike… who would do that? Ozzy and Melanie… they just gave me a room, a bike to ride, their love and friendship…

Little Blue

I have not been posting as much as I thought maybe my “parked” or “off the highways” life would get redundant, boring, you know I’m not getting into crazy adventures… no crazy southern women running after me, or no hillbillies running over their friends feet with their SUV’S… But something is going on.

There is a growing sense of excitement. It comes by bursts. Like a shiver of unseen knowingness, but knowingness nonetheless. A fabric is being weaved…

A path is being traced.

All I have done, all I can do is still to follow my nose.

When the bike broke down almost two weeks ago I was proud of myself for not melting down like my electrical system did… then a few days later when the extent of the damage was made clear I folded for a moment. I was at a loss.. stopped. motionless. There I was… with a broken down bike, a rapidly dwindling bank account.. 3 shirts, 2 pairs of pants and my boots…

Suddenly I had to operate solo, no bike power to carry me out of the rain, the desert, the night or through crisis. There I was.. after abandoning my bike behind a dumpster near the repair shop, standing on a street corner with my meager, road worn, chain lube splattered gear standing under a lamp post in the middle of the night in LA, weary, dirty, waiting for strangers to come pick me up.

That was October 26th.

tomorrow… who knows…


2 Responses to “Love Ride in photos & thoughts”

  1. Madeleine Says:

    Je commence à penser que tu n’as toujours pas reçu les fichiers “On the road” que je t’ai à nouveau envoyés. J’espère que tu recevras ce mot.
    Je n’ai pas été très bien , avec une bronchite pendant une quinzaine de jours, mais je suis parfaitement remise et prête à travailler pour les concerts de décembre.
    Je vois que “sans ton bike” la vie continue d’être très remplie et j’en suis heureuse pour toi.
    Gros becs, Mawie

  2. David Walker Says:

    You just keep following your bliss and the rest will come along.

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