Meeting Ben in San Dimas and images of San Dimas

November 11, 2010

As rain clouds amassed to the North I hopped back on Little Blue to get back to San Dimas.

I got to say me and Little Blue are g starting to have fun… and feel like being one with this bike, feeling the gears, the brakes the tires on the road the responsiveness,






To glide through traffic, across states and continents, to be nimble, quick, free. These moments riding wash off all concerns. Alive. I am alive on this machine.

I get to San Dimas and go to the Coffee Klatch. I rolled into the parking lot and picked a quiet spot to park Little Blue. I walked towards the coffee shop and noticed an older motorcycle, looks like a similar vintage as my Suzuki… I walk inside. Order. Walk towards my table. That is when I saw another person with a helmet. We smile. Motorcyclists… we are family.

He’s a young guy. He tells me about his bike : a 1983 Kawasaki 750. His first bike. He asks :

“What do you ride?”

“Well I’m riding a Buell right now, my bike is in the shop. It’s a 1983 Suzuki GS 750. We laugh.

He asks me where I am from.

“That could be a long story” I said. I tell him about the trip, the miles, the people.

“Oh… That is really inspiring…” He says. I feel there is more to this. There is something unusual and interesting about this kid.

We chat about our “vintage” bikes, mechanical problems and difficulties to find parts. I pull out my laptop and show him a photo of my bike.

“oh, cool!” he says.

I don’t know the whole story but this kid ended up on the streets. He was living on the streets, at some point he got helped by a “recycler”,

“He had to recycle all day to eat, going in dumpsters and recycling in order to get a meal in a restaurant. He took me under his wing…I looked at him one day and realized he was invisible. No one would see him. There are all these invisible people, bums, living in the society… ….I was invisible too” He said.

“One night, I told God : OK, I give my life to you. Show me the way. I will serve…” The next morning a woman woke him up as he was sleeping near the bushes near her house.

“She handed me $20 and asked me to get coffee. That’s when I came here. I meet a lot of neat people here…” From there, one thing led to another, and he found himself looking for a job. He was walking around with a bunch of job applications when a man asked him :

“What are you doing?”

“Looking for a job.”

He said he did not have a resume, but thought about all the things he could do… made a list and handed it to the man. The man is a master mechanic for Porsche cars, racing cars, builds custom parts… He started working there, sweeping the floor… Now he is learning to weld…

“I would really like to make a trip like that” He said. “But I have some responsibilities. I promised I would stay where I live for a year… I got to keep my word…

I know he will take that trip one day. It’s written in his face. It’s written all over him. We talked about possibilities. About forgiveness, he pulled out a bible, read me one of the proverbs.

“There is 31, one for every day.” he said with a knowing grin.

He read one of the proverbs, number 21 I think, something about how forgiveness will open all the doors. He got up to do something. I pulled out my laptop to check emails and answer a few.

I started packing up my stuff. He came back. We exchanged contact numbers and emails.

“well, take care” he said

“shiny side up” I replied.


“You know, shiny side up, rubber side down..”


I left the coffee house. Looked at his bike. It’s got… experience, not unlike my Suzuki. I went and straddled Little Blue and started his Harley heart. Constant, adventure…

Tomorrow I am flying to Vancouver. Yeah, I’ve kept that under wraps as I was torn between joy and worry about going up there.

I guess I too will have to leave it in the hands of the Gods. But I trust they will be there, the Gods and my angels and my nose, still guiding me, leading me step by step towards the only thing we really have: every single precious moment.

the tip jar at the Coffee Klatch

Halloween at the sharp Kitty


twisted shadows

yes, communication

hmm hmmm

a new friend


One Response to “Meeting Ben in San Dimas and images of San Dimas”

  1. angelina Says:

    Hi Danielle

    Sorry I’ll miss your show in Vancouver. I’m getting ready for a big adventure myself. Off to Africa! Have a fun time and safe travels.


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