Back into the sun

November 19, 2010

My Vancouver peoples…

Erika wore the fashionable “recycling bag emergency rain hat” with style and poise. I love Erika, she stays there, behind, up North in Canada. She forges and will weld her life to her own design. She opened her home, heart and drove her car all over the place for me while I was there.

David sits at Livingstone studio. David is a scientist, a sculptor, a husband, grandpa and he is such a good friend. He carves marble in the shapes of his passions, patiently. David was born in California and he told me of a few amazing places I must see down here.

Chris and Camille,
Chris is one of my very favorite people in the whole wide world… Like a brother, a kindred soul, he’s recovering from the motorcycle accident, Camille is an angel, beautiful wonderful angel.

Then there is Jessica, Jean, Karen and family, the gang at Bear, Bruce, Jean Michel, France and quite a few more I did not manage to see.. I love you so much.

Tuesday morning YVR

it was an ungodly hour to get up… 5:30 AM. It’s pitch black out there… Erika comes close to my bed and says : it’s time to wake up. I can’t even open my eyes… I had my alarm set for 5:40… 10 more minutes… argh…

Scott came to get us, we all went to the airport together, more hugs and goodbyes. Then I am on my own. Check in, boarding pass, security, I am grumpy. I make it through and when I put my boots back on the little metal tab to pull up the zipper on my left boot rips off… sigh. I use my Nexus pass and get through customs in a flash. That was $50 well spent. I had to do the retina scan… weird…

Our flight is delayed, we have to change gates, we have to wait another hour… I get to work on a translation job I got so I don’t mind the delay.

We board. Seat 8A, window seat. I have not done the window seat in a while… I make a peace offering to my neighbor in 8C with a piece 5 Rain flavored gum. The initial frown goes, she smiles. Right on.

we take off

we have a very friendly flight attendant. She wears mickey mouse ears and jokes all the way. She is funny and ended our flight with the rendition of an Abba song with altered lyrics, full lungs, full emotion… she said she’d keep her day job…

the coast.

the land

and the California sky

I have arrived. I am back. I am here. Whoa.

It’s warm, sunny, bristling with expectations.

It’s kind of unreal. Flying 1500 miles is unreal… But I am here. I smile. A lot. I have these bursts of “Oh my Gods!” We celebrated by going to Bob’s Big Boy historic restaurant in Burbank with Sunny, Steve, Ozzy and Melanie. I love these guys too. All of them met by pure coincidence (if you believe in that) on that fateful morning on Highway 2 up in the Angeles Mountains.

Time and space. Now. Ozzy called it a “Dawn” he’s right. A Dawn for a beginning, new life. Where or what that life will be, I don’t know, what I would like is to stay on a path of truth, of light, the music, the fulfillment, the wide open road….

I got an email from the Go Guitar builder, the guitar will be ready next week. That is part of the plan…

I am still the electron. Coursing. A more internal voyage right now for sure. it’s as if the pieces of the puzzle are getting into position. it’s not quite clear yet, but I have jobs to accomplish before I can do that.

But I know one thing for sure. It is perfect right now. To be here is perfect, to have been in Vancouver is perfect, I trust the spirits and the Gods as I thrust myself forward, in the sun.


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