A ride. Hope. Thoughts. Another ride. More thoughts.

November 30, 2010

I rode in the sun today. I went east towards Rancho Cucamonga. I’m riding Little Blue. The mountains in the distance have snow sprinkled peaks. In the distance, Big Bear is deep in snow. The riding territory shrinks daily. It makes me slightly claustrophobic to think about that. But the sun shines still and warms my body. Today I am thankful for the heat generating exhaust pipes right next to my legs and feet. Little Blue is a great winter bike for that.

I’ve got a lot of layers on, camisole, long sleeve shirt, long sleeved, collared vest, leather jacket, windproof shell, long johns and leathers and a balaclava. It’s actually too much for this afternoon. It won’t be too much tonight. But right now it’s just bulky.

My destination is the Coffee Klatch. A really cool coffee house which actually won the “Best Coffee in the World” title in Britain recently. For a coffee addict that is quite the attractant. But I’m not there for coffee. I am there to see if I can play there… They recently put flyers on their counters asking for artists, visual and musicians. I called this morning to see what it was about and she said to come down with music and all. So here I am.

It goes well, she speaks really fast, which is something I noticed most employees there do. Must be the high octane coffee. She pulls out the schedule book and writes my name on there and circles it. Done deal. So I now have a date there on December 22. I will have to prove myself by bringing bodies in the shop. If I do well, they’ll book me again. Hopefully I can pull that off.

I head back out. Wow. I did it. Got some work to do : put together a flyer, find a PA, invite folks, put the set list together and cross my fingers. Here we go….

It’s almost the end of the month. One more set of 31 consecutive days that include Christmas and it will be the calendar end of this incredible run.. or should I say ride… that was 2010.

Questions abound in my mind. It feels like this trip was all about learning. These days it seems that my learning is deepening. On the trip I faced the challenges on my own. I perfected the art of “dealing” with the punches thrown my way. I learned and realized that I could handle it myself. No more crying on shoulders type of reaction. Full responsibility.

Now my learning happens among humans. It’s not only between me and my machine anymore. On the road, people are practically décor most of the time. Now, the road is the backdrop and the punches are thrown by people.

The waters I have been navigating go from heartbreaking to achingly beautiful. After all is it not the nature of life on earth? Duality. The good and bad. Happy and sad, win or lose and trying not to fall prey to this group agreement. Trying to stay in the love and the forgiveness. This book I read said that there are only two emotions : Love and fear. It gave me a lot to think about.

Tonight I rode again. Much colder. Got the “Nanook from the North” mittens to help me conquer the cold. At 70 miles per hour 40 degrees gets colder, stronger measures are required as there is no sun to mitigate the wind chill factor. I flowed down the 210 towards Passadena. I’m the only one I’ve seen on a bike tonight. Folks around here finds it cold right now. I’m still northified enough to be able to enjoy the ride and withstand the cold. It’s actually not bad. As I said, Little Blue puts out a lot of heat. I feel the warmth creep through the inside of my boots. I press my legs against the machine and I stay warm. Little metal horse carry me, carry me.

I am always magicked by the utter power of the freeway. Its long lines of concrete cutting through the land, endless, fast, the cars like the pieces of a different Tetris game where the goal is to glide in between instead of piling up. At night, the tail lights, headlights zoom in interminably in each direction. Beautiful, shiny, free flowing particles in the arteries. I love to watch, hear, see wheels spinning around me so incredibly fast. The way they attach and detach from the pavement. A cell phone glows from the back of a car. Little square, blue beacon in the dark. Dashboards of orange or blue, lone presence in the darkened cockpits of cars. I pass the Miller Brewery and surprisingly here you don’t smell hops, but raisin bread. Must be a bakery around.

Nothing beats riding a bike. Life comes back to me in bucketfuls. The roar. The willing acceleration. The Glide.

I think as I ride about how I have to enjoy every second of this. Life is an unpredictable thing. The laughter, the generosity, the opening of hearts. I still have much to learn. Learn about trust, about truth, about opening up, about abandoning fear. Thrust yourself deeper in the curves, so to speak. Yeah. To joyfully lean in the curves with the knowledge that you have all that you need to handle it.


2 Responses to “A ride. Hope. Thoughts. Another ride. More thoughts.”

  1. francoise Moulin Says:

    Salut ma belle! Je te lis, merci….Voila la matinee qui commence avec toi. Quel voyage que tu te paies. Il y a un an ce dernier samedi , je passais la nuit avec toi a Vancouver. Je m’envolais vers Ottawa. Moi, j’ai failli m’envolais de la passerelle entre le bateau et la gare pour te rejoindre en quittant le bateau et de voir le gars qui attend sans aider. Quel effrayant effet de de voir toute une tonne de gens tomber comme des mouche et que tu attends ton tour en te disant:” comment faire” ? Pas moi! Non!! Une sequence d’un film qui se deroule et tu en es un des acteurs.
    “Love and fear”. Completement d’accord avec toi! Je travaille sur mes peurs depuis ces 2 dernieres annees et je suis consciente de plus en plus que c’est juste ces2 mots qui nous motivent aussi. Je realise de plus en plus les peurs des autres autour de moi si petites soit-elles qu’elles controlent les minutes de nos journees sans qu’on le sache du tout car elles se sont incrustee comme de petits diamants en nous. Ils brillent de toutes les couleurs et nous “niaissent” quotidiennement. Et puis l”amour” qu’on fuit car il y a la peur aussi. Deux amies qui se donnent la main. Pourtant il ne coute rien que d’offrir de l’amour aux autres ne serait-ce qu’un sourire qui vient du coeur, …Voila, je pense beaucoup a toi et ta “bleue”. Tu dois avoir les fesses bien dures maintenant! Pas besoin de Gym! HahahahJe t’embrasse et a bientot ma belle Danielle.

    • Françoise ma belle.

      je t’embrasse bien fort. Ouais, ce voyage… incroyable progression des choses. il y a des moments ou je me demande comment tout cela va évoluer. Mais j’apprends tous les jours. je suis reconnaissante de la chance que j’ai.

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