Meeting the red BMW K75 S

December 20, 2010

It’s pounding rain. No I’m not back in Vancouver… I think it’s been snowing up there… I am down in Lancaster or should I say up because this is at higher elevation than San Dimas….

I got a ride from San Dimas to Lancaster yesterday, Ozzy took me up here. The big point of this trip… Meet the new bike.

I was going to take the train up but it was declared that “a star should not be riding the train” on this rainy Sunday. What could I say to object to that? That I am not a star? That I can do it all on my own? That just would not be right. We fueled up with Coffee Klatch high octane jet fuel coffee and headed on out up the 210 and the 5 and the 14.

I got to say this weather makes me feel strangely like I stepped into a deja vu. With the incessant rain, soaked roads, greening hills… it is starting to really look like BC… the Wet Coast. No it’s not a typo, that is how we “affectionately” call it up there.

As we approach Palmdale out of the heavy skies, gray clouds and antediluvian rains a rainbow appears in the sky… I will take this as a good omen.

a bit hard to see but it shone bright...

A few hours later I end up in the hills near the Angeles Forrest. It’s really beautiful, you can definitely see that despite the storm going on. I had an inkling that these hills were hiding some mysteries and magic and I was not disappointed…

So how did I ended up here today?

Well, back in late October I had played a set with Forrest at Butler’s Coffee in Palmdale. That night in the audience were two friends of Steve and Sunny. They are a couple, they both are pilots ( airplanes) she is also an author, creator, he’s an actual test pilot, the real deal. Together they both exude something powerful. A mix of confident strength and deep kindness. They are beautiful.

So, following that Palmdale show and after hearing my story and learning of the demise of my Suzuki, he had decided to give me his motorcycle. Again, not a typo… to give me this bike.

It has been a hard thing for me to fully assimilate, grasp, comprehend… I’m not sure I completely do yet. Sunny announced the news to me a couple of weeks ago and I am still pinching myself.

So this is why we are at their house, for that first meeting with the bike.

I saw the bike as we pulled into the driveway. It is bright red. it’s shiny. I don’t dare to look too much… Oh my.

I am halfway expecting that I will wake up any minute now, like when I was little and I dreamt of eating a Mae West cake and just when I would be about to take that first bite I would wake up with no Mae West to be found on my pillow… So we get in the house, we are served delicious hot apple cider and German pastries, we chat, hang out… It’s warm, cozy and comfortable there is a wood fire burning and I almost forget why we are here when he says : So you want to see that bike?

We put our coats on and head out. It’s sitting in the garage, next to an airplane. My mom would love that… She loved all that flying stuff… She actually was the first woman to sky dive in Quebec….

I look at the bike.

then I am being explained the controls, the ABS, the turn signals… It’s so nice… it is standing on a center stand, so it looks really high. I get on it and my feet can’t touch the ground. We get it off the center stand… It is actually lower than my Suzuki. I almost got my heels on the ground! That had been my worry, that it would be too big…

The engine starts nicely. It’s a whole different machine than what I am used to. Soooooo unbelievable… and again I don’t know what to say… so I grin.


We chat for a while, have a look at the airplane, I go out to see the Angeles Mountains in the distance, it’s so beautiful. A paradise…. We get back in the house and handle the paperwork and I am being handed out the papers to this BMW motorcycle… I feel like hugging him to no end but I don’t think that would be totally cool… I feel like jumping around but I still can’t quite metabolize this whole thing yet. I might still wake up… So again, I grin.

We head out. It’s dark, it’s raining but it’s wild and beautiful in my mind. I can start to feel the journeys, travels forming in the ether… we will ride… In the distance, the lights of Lancaster appear between the hills. They are subdued by fog and rain, they look dreamy. If I am dreaming it’s a nice dream…

We head into town, we are going to a concert at the Lancaster Arts Center featuring Manhattan Transfer. When I was in college I was learning some of those songs… My sister had an album that she played over and over… Birdland… The band is great, the drummer actually plays double-kick drum in a jazz show… Metal is taking over the world! The guitarist has a brilliant swing… the harmonies are rich and you can just close your eyes and enjoy all those colors..

Today I went to AAA and got the whole paperwork side of things handled. It was painless, quick and it did not break the bank. So now I have a BMW K75S in my name… I also inherited a full BMW armored suit… Pants, jacket and heated vest. Pinch. Pinch. Ow!


I am so incredibly grateful, amazed and thankful and happy and … all of that into one.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The rain still falls like mad, I am nice and warm and dry in the house with occasional visits on my lap by Rossi the Abyssinian cat. I don’t know where the trail will take me but now I feel I will get there powerfully and safely and with the blessings of the Gods, the winds, the Fates and the Universe. Lets dream some more…


5 Responses to “Meeting the red BMW K75 S”

  1. Madeleine Says:

    Incroyable, incroyable…alors, je pense qu’on est bien obligés de croire aux miracles et que tout n’est sombre sur notre planète. Ça m’a fait plaisir que tu penses à moi devant l’avion!
    Je suis heureuse de ce qui t’arrive et cela me fait du bien car comme aurait dit ma mère, “j’ai les bleus” ces jours-ci. Je me suis donc secouée et je suis allée me chercher un arbre de noël. Tout est blanc dehors, c’est très beau. J’aime toujours l’hiver même si je sors beaucoup moins.
    Gros becs et félicitation pour le nouveau bébé!

  2. Charlotte aka 'Whatever' Says:

    Hey Danielle,

    I think that red K bike suits you. I am hoping to chat on the phone soon. I am very tired from a day of haggling with the landlord and packing up my bike ‘Piglet’ the 2010 Buell XB9SX City X gets loaded with the movers in the morning on its way to San Francisco.

    I am really hoping we can meet up after the week up there. I have camping gear and will need to setup a custom rack for the bike as I just ran out of time here.

    We have an inch or two of ice and twelve inches of snow from a week ago… which prompted me to make the FINAL DECISION… to pack it up and go !!! Does this sound familiar to you. Selling things is not even an option at this point as I go to Miami for a week after X-Mas come back do more packing and then fly out to California the 10th of January.

    I CAN’T WAIT !!! The paperwork is overwhelming. The house looks like a hurricane hit. What am I going to do with an 8 foot fully decorated X-Mas tree ??? And Happy Solstice.

    Hopefully we can chat soon!


    in friggin freezin cheesland

    • danielle Says:

      Charlotte! so good to hear from you, I knew of your imminent departure, and yes, I sure can relate to the madness in the house before leaving. We’re actually thinking we should have a party, there is this other woman, Melanie Doerman who did an “along the edges of the country, she went 12 000 miles on a Triumph and we can all share a beautiful evening together! Come on down!

  3. David Walker Says:

    There are no ordinary moments.

  4. Shep Says:

    Amazing. I, too, was given a 1988 Red K75-S (lookiing for a picture of it is what brought me here) though the path was a bit more convoluted. It came from Vermont, just south of the Quebec border and now lives about 75 miles west of DC. Sweet bikes…

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