December 26, 2010

Performances, performances…

Friday december 10th
I got an impromptu invitation to come and play at a bead store : the Garden of Beaden, in Upland. The owner, Irene, is a friend of Melanie, she had been listening to my CD over and over I was told. That is always a huge compliment.

On that Friday she had what they call a trunk show where an artist brings her creations and sells them out of the store. So I set up my amp, brought out the pedals and the Go guitar for it’s very first gig.

I played from around 6:30 to close to 9 PM. This little guitar is truly amazing.. and with the pedals it is a load of fun… I was told that the trunk show was best ever because of the live music. At the end of the night we hung out in the store, I had never been to a bead store and I must say, it is an incredible world of creativity, shiny things that can mesmerize you, the unexpected and some very creatively inclined people.

I had seen a really cool little gizmo (sorry don’t know the proper name for these things) in the store, it was right behind me when I was playing, it caught my eye… skull and cross bones and found a use for it… one of the tabs on my boots had broken off so Irene said she could fix it… here it is…

Saturday the 18th
Forrest and I had our first performance at the Coffee Klatch in San Dimas. One of the highlights of the night was that Forrest was going to play his own compositions on the keyboards. Forrest is a world class drummer-percussionist but also a composer, arranger and keyboardist.

For him this was big as he has not performed his own material very often so it felt like a sort of “premiere” in a supportive environment. I had never heard him play this material but I knew it was going to be great, because Forrest is just that good.

The December 2nd show had been cancelled over issues related to who was going to be opening, judgments and nastiness, but now we had the chance to redeem all the ugliness and make it happen for Forrest and I and for all our friends. Everyone loved it and I felt a great sense of joy to see Forrest up there, expressing his music.

Forrest also had Lee ann, a flutist friend to come and play on two songs, it was beautiful. In the audience we had some of the usual suspects and some new suspicious characters (just kidding!) and I was so glad to see them all.

Again, after the deflating, discouragine events that took place in Altadena it felt like a rebirth to see these friends come and support us. The people at the Klatch were totally awesome, smiling, accommodating and we played the night away, then stayed late and chatted. I was really, really good.

After we finally let them close the cafe, we went down the street at Chili’s to celebrate further and we ended up closing the place. There was a lot of cheer. Even Leo got himself into a party mood. I stuck to the pomegranate-vodka sweet drink… which got me just about as happy as Leo.

December 22nd

That night we played at the Klatch in Rancho Cucamonga. It’s been raining so much, it was pounding a couple hours before I left to set up, then as I was driving the skies cleared. The area is surrounded by mountains and there was an incredible view of clouds seemingly lifting off the gray and dark mountains and the rays of the sun coloring the space between the mountains and those clouds. There is always beauty to be found.

I was warmly received at the Klatch, helped with the heavy gear and treated with the drink of my choice which was artwork in itself. Forrest arrived as a rainbow appeared in the East and the west was on fire with the setting sun.

Forrest started the night at his piano. It was beautiful. His music is incredibly moving. I am so amazed that I had the privilege to meet him, become friends and make music with him.

Then it was my turn to perform. Each time we play I find more freedom and inspiration to let myself roam with the music. I’ve always liked to take chances and experiment on stage. The band I had in Vancouver a few years back were brilliant at keeping up with my whims and turns, it’s not always an easy task for a musician. Forrest is right along there with me, new songs, new tricks, stops and starts, he’s right there perfectly attuned.

The night ended around 9 PM. We then drove to Ontario, no not in Canada as we’d still be driving but a few miles down the road here. We went at a Mexican place, with Ozzy Melanie, Forrest and friends of Ozzy, Leif, Catherine, Heidi and her man. We laughed, sang, some of us even danced 😉 can’t say too much here… but it was fun. Then as we were all standing in the parking lot before getting into our cars, Ozzy noticed a leaf on the car I was driving, it looked like the Canadian flag so I launched into the bilingual version of the Canadian anthem, then Ozzy launched into the Norwegian anthem, then Forrest sang the baritone harmony part of the American anthem. A fine night it was. I can’t quite imagine what passersby would think but we had a great time.

Coming up
Now we got something coming up on January 7th at the San Dimas Klatch and on January 23rd at the Rancho Cucamonga Klatch.

Life moves forward always. Music lives, motorcycles appeared, wood became my new instrument, dreams became magic, love and understanding flow, life moves us all forward towards tomorrow. A circle.


4 Responses to “performances”

  1. Pete Says:

    Hey there sweety

    Just wanted to wish ya a great holiday season….you rock ! ! ! I have a question for ya where can I get a CD of your music? I really hope to touch bases with ya if you get near my local area.
    I have hooked up with a couple of guys at a bike shop in Milwaukee and am leaseing space for my vintage bike biz. So the place is there if ya need help dear.
    Hope to hear from ya soon… you know the drill!
    Light and love your way

  2. Lévis Bergeron Says:

    Merci pour tes pensées! Ton âme se manifeste! Merveilleux!
    Gros bec!

  3. Forrest Says:

    You are truly one of a kind, Danielle! Thank you SO MUCH for your very kind and supportive words. I have no words to express how much that means to me! I love where your posts take me and the pictures you paint with your words. I tell ya – that GO Guitar is truly something else! Your guitar rig is pretty darn ridiculous, if you ask me! Your music is truly moving! EVERY song gets me excited to play it with you! I am truly humbled to work with you! Thank you also for being so suppportive, particularly through the “debris” you mentioned. That was tough; but it is all good. Time heals all things, and you have a good heart. You have a lot of love in you and great things to offer this world. Anyone who comes in contact with you is sure to feel your Light. I truly believe in the soul that you are. I am honored that our paths crossed when they did. Blessings always, Danielle!

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